Concept Design

To take from the Client, Architect and Interior Consultants a complete brief on all the above areas, and requirements for each space.
At this stage, information relating to all surface finishes, including textures and colours etc. and the architectural/interior design concept drawings for each space. After the initial brief, the preliminary lighting design proposals will be prepared and this will be presented to the Client in colour keyed plans, sections and elevations, sketch details and image boards. Renderings will be provided based on architectural/interior design renderings which will be modified to reflect night time conditions. Before proceeding to Schematic Design, AGT will require concept design approval, from the Client, Architect and Interior Consultants.

Schematic Design

On approval of Concept Design, AGT will prepare Autocad floor and ceiling plan lighting layouts showing light fitting locations and circuit groupings. This information can then be circulated to the mechanical and electrical consultants for coordination purposes.
The drawings will show light fitting references and circuit numbers. Control schedules will be provided listing the quantity of fittings, the electrical load and the type of light source.
quantity of fittings, the electrical load and the type of light source. Where clarification is needed or where lighting is to be built into a special detail, then sections will be provided giving the necessary working dimensions for the architect / interior designer to prepare the final working details for construction.

Design Development

At this stage, light fitting schedules will be prepared giving the necessary information on the light fittings that are specified, size and appearance of the specified item. Cut sheets are prepared providing a description of the fitting, the type of lamp to be used, the cut out and recessed depth dimensions, the photometric performance, the bezel and reflector finishes and any special modifications or accessories required.
The lighting control system architecture is established with the Electrical Consultant and a single line diagram and finalized control schedules will be provided.

Project Execution Plan

AGT will submit a complete Project Execution Plan with timeline for all stages of the project and assign a project Manager to coordinate with the client and contractor. In addition, a completed lighting documentation will be integrated into a BOQ with products specification, origin and warranty.

Project execution

AGT Technical Team will implement the project strategy, programme, procedures and control systems based on the Execution plan. Coordinate with the client and client’s contractor for logistics, security and safety. Ongoing supervision during the construction phase will generally be the responsibility of the local Electrical Consultant, but AGT will be available to answer appropriate queries, or make site adjustments, as is necessary, or requested by the Consultant, Architect, Interior Consultants and Electrical Consultants.
AGT will conduct equipment testing and commissioning to ensure installation has been completed according to plan, safe and correct functionality of all light and related electrical devices and replace any defects. All these steps will be completed with the project consultant or clients representative.

Handover and Post Project

Once the installation is complete, and has been finally tested and commissioned by the Electrical Consultant, AGT will Hand over the set-up of the lighting in all areas show casing the visual end result is as originally intended. AGT will provide training to the maintenance engineers on aspects of the lighting fitting installation, dimmer control equipment installation and lamp replacement. Handover all lighting specification and warranty documents.