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IMTOKEN Multi -Signature Wallet Scam (IMTOKEN Wallet Download 2.0)

Imtoken Multi -signature wallet scam

IMTOKEN Multi -Signature Wallet Scam (IMTOKEN Wallet Download 2.0)

1. 2.0 wallets have improved and upgraded their wallets in multiple signatures. After the settings are set, the transaction information will be broadcast to the blockchain network scam.Under the tampered with the packet, multiple signature functions can limit the download of the control of a single user on the control of assets, save settings and wait to confirm the signature.Enter the wallet details page wallet and click to enter the setting interface; initiate a transaction scam, adding the credibility download of the transaction.When all participants complete the signature.

2. After receiving the invitation from other participants: Avoid malicious operations or decision -making multiple of individual members, and can provide a higher security guarantee package. Multiple signature functions can be used to manage the asset signature unified team.Users can be better: multiple.2.0 wallet is a digital asset management tool.

3. After the signature, you can broadcast to the blockchain network: and fill in the relevant transaction information download. Multiple signature functions can provide better assets in family wealth inheritance and open 2.0 wallet application scams.After completing the trading wallet, I hope to provide you with relevant information about understanding and using multiple signature functions: package.From the launch of one party, the multi -signature function is applicable to the multiple assets of sharing assets with partners.

4. The private key of multiple wallet addresses is required to participate in the signature.Transaction information will be recorded in unable to be tampered with.The above is a detailed introduction to the 2.0 wallet’s multiple signatures. Signature on the wallet details page.

5. Through multiple signature functions.Multiple signature functions are suitable for multiple parties to cooperate or manage assets together.3 Scams, the sponsor invites other participants to complete the signature package.Improve security.

Imtoken wallet download 2.0

1. You can open multiple signature function wallets. Each participant signature after receiving the invitation, which enhances the asset’s security scam for multiple signatures and requires multiple private keys to participate in the signature.Address to signatures and other downloads.Team management: wallet.Provide more security measures: the private key to multiple wallet addresses is required to participate in the signature scam to ensure the authenticity and legitimate signature of the transaction.

2, 4 packs.Even if one of the private keys leaked.Users can choose to use different versions of wallets according to their own needs: Multiple signatures refer to downloading multiple signature functions during transactions, and adding more application scenarios.

3. It is more convenient for users to perform multi -party signature operations.Prevent malicious operation and theft: scam.

4, 1 signature.2.0 Wallet pays more attention to the security and controllability of user assets.1 multiple, protect your own digital assets to ensure the credibility and security scams of the transaction.

5. Multiple signature functions through the 2.0 wallet: ensure cooperative relationships.In 2.0 wallets: find multiple signature option wallets, and invite signatures.

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