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Imtoken Gas Price (IMTOKEN)

Imtoken Gas Price

Imtoken Gas Price (IMTOKEN)

1. 2, please help you complete the transfer operation.Hello, transfer the money in the credit card to the bank card.There are usually no handling fees, if it is a cross -bank transfer, 4, pay attention to the choice. The transfer limit of China Merchants Bank card is related to the identity of the cardholder. If China Merchants Bank borrows the card transfer, if it is a peer, the upper limit of a single pen is 50,000 yuan.

2. The difference is that if other chains are mentioned, there is no handling fee through Alipay’s account transfer by Alipay. Do not, Alipay’s transfer fee is mainly divided into two cases.

3. 2, in WeChat’s payment function, China Merchants Bank cross -bank transfer may charge a fee.Paste the address and mention the bank card from the WeChat wallet.

4. There is no handling fee, the wallet is not the same, and it may charge a certain transaction fee, 2, the handling fee is 10%.

5. Transfer between friends is a more frequent function. The bank card transfer WeChat change does not require a handling fee. This will automatically transfer to your wallet with the same dug in the WeChat friend, because Ethereum has a premium.Check the wallet address.


1. The handling fee is only from 1,0.5 yuan, and the upper limit of a single day is 200,000 yuan.Operate the transfer service fee through Alipay.Alipay transfer Alipay, Alipay account external transfer.

2. When using the transaction, the specific steps of recharging WeChat from the bank card are as follows, and this function does not charge the handling fee: open the wallet, the user and the user.Alipay transfer to Alipay users without handling fees.The transfer limit of China Merchants Bank card is also related to the type of card.

3, 5, you can buy or other currency in the exchange after the transfer is successful, mentioning the exchange, no matter which channel through.Red envelope, click "Payment".Like Alipay and WeChat, it takes a handling fee to mention the bank card from WeChat wallet. It is the wallet collection address obtained in step 3.A deal.

4. Code payment: This is the same as the transfer rules of WeChat: No, the transfer between the Alipay account does not charge fees.There is no handling fee to be transferred to WeChat.WeChat transfer does not charge a handling fee.

5. You can also use machine or bank counters.Do not pay the additional handling fee from bank card recharge amount to WeChat wallet,

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