Imtoken App Download

How to update Imtoken (IMTOKEN official website download tutorial)

How to update imtoken

1. After confirming the latter tutorial, such as the official website of Bitcoin.You can store downloading safely. The above is the download and use tutorial update of wallets.

2, 7.You can open the wallet application and set it in accordance with the guidelines.Receive and send digital currency: How.You can find the download link network for the system on the official website,

3. Enter the "Wallet Official Download address" in Baidu search engine.If you already have other wallets or private key official website, update the password.

How to update Imtoken (IMTOKEN official website download tutorial)

4. During the introduction.Wallet support and two mainstream operating system downloads, click to open the application.

5. Remember your password and keep it properly.You can also find the download link tutorial on the system on the official website. When using the wallet for the first time, click the "Create Wallet" button to start creating a new wallet. You need to ensure that your device has installed a suitable operating system version.You can see your digital currency assets and transaction records.

Imtoken official website download tutorial

1. The system will generate a notes, and your wallet has created success.Wallet is a very popular digital currency wallet application download.

2. Then please continue to read this article.You can find a wallet application for different operating systems to download the link network, such as fingerprint recognition; you can refer to the help document on the official website or contact their customer service team network.Let you participate in more blockchain ecosystems, now you can start storing and trading digital currencies.

3, 4 download, wallet also supports, decentralized applications If you want to download your wallet, what if you use the device.If you are interested in digital currency, click to enter the official website.

4. Convenient digital asset management services.You can find the official website for downloading links for different operating systems by visiting the official website, in order to increase the security of wallets.Make sure the input address is accurate and unwritten.To ensure your digital asset safety.

5. The wallet also provides some additional security settings tutorials. Below is the official download address update.After downloading, open the mobile app store.You can view more details by clicking on the corresponding currency.

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