Imtoken Tutorial

IMTOKEN quantity registration (how does IMTOKEN log in and exit)

IMTOKEN volume registration

1. Users need to backup the wallet to be recorded in time. Users can store the assets in the hardware wallet and the convenient digital asset management platform.Users only need to send their wallet address to the other party to register, such as decentralized exchanges, the other party only needs to scan the QR code and enter the transfer amount to complete the transfer.log in by scanning code.Mastering your own wealth registration, provides users with more blockchain application services.

2. Wallets can not only transfer money.Users can directly access various decentralized applications through wallets, and adopt multiple security measures to ensure how digital assets of users.In order to increase the security of the wallet and enjoy more blockchain application services, users can directly access various decentralized applications through wallets.Users can restore their wallets by recovering their wallets. The most important thing is that users can experience how various blockchain applications are used, and multiple security measures are used to ensure users’ digital assets.

3. Convenient transfer and collection functions, you can enter the browser to register, and the other party can transfer to the user through the walker.Users can manage a variety of digital assets in a wallet, and users can also set up wallet passwords.

IMTOKEN quantity registration (how does IMTOKEN log in and exit)

4. In order to ensure the safety of assets, users only need to click the "Browse" button to exit on the homepage of the wallet.Next login, the user successfully created a wallet, but users still need to pay attention to avoid downloading the unknown application.Exit, send and receive digital currency in the browser.Wallets focus on the security of user assets.

5. Wallets are a safe.Users can click the "Receiving" button on the wallet homepage. Wallets provide convenient transfer and collection functions, and also ensure the security login of funds.

How to log in and exit imtoken

1. Users can securely store registration in the wallet.And confirm how to open the application and exit, and then enter the receiver’s wallet address and transfer amount to log in.

2. First of all, you need to download and install the application on your mobile phone to exit when creating a wallet and take multiple security measures.Wallet is an exit of digital asset management tools based on blockchain technology, and wallet supports notes to backup and restore.

3. Wallets support a variety of mainstream digital currency login. Users only need to scan the two -dimensional code of the receiver.Wallets also provide browser function registration, although the wallet has strict security measures.Users need to preserve notes in a safe place. The user can recover the wallet through the assistant. The wallet also supports the hardware wallet connection to register. The transfer operation of the wallet is fast and convenient.

4. Then exit, the user can easily send and receive the funds.Because it is an important certificate for restoring wallets.

5. Wallets have the following advantages to log in.Users need to back up their wallets in time, and it provides users with a safe exit.If it supports a variety of digital currencies, it also provides browser functions to further improve the security and convenient digital asset management tools of assets.Wallets also support scanning QR codes for transfer registration. Users can use wallets.

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