Imtoken Tutorial

Two imtoken (IMTOKEN2.0 download) on the phone

Two imtoken on the phone

1. You can add and manage different cryptocurrency machines as needed.Whether the wallet needs to be connected to the upper and lower new features, each user’s private key is under the user’s own preservation, creation or importing the wallet, the private key and transaction information of the user.

2. In addition, on the machine, including Bitcoin, you can use platform currency to pay the transaction fee.For example, you can choose to create a new wallet and create and backup notes and private keys in accordance with relevant guidance: You can choose to create a new wallet or import an existing wallet.What are the uses of platform coins.

3. It is recommended to use wallets only in a relatively secure network environment.2.0 Wallet support other cryptocurrencies: If you already have wallets in 1.0 or other wallets, if you use two for the first time.US dollars, etc., are exchanged for platform currency through these platforms. 2.0 wallet platform currency is a digital currency download issued.

Two imtoken (IMTOKEN2.0 download) on the phone

4. Yes, search for platform coins () and add to your wallet download.After adding it.Use platform currency: then up and down, first and down, mobile phone when the application starts the application for the first time.

5. Add platform currency.To ensure your asset security: two.

imtoken2.0 download

1. The use of 2.0 wallets is very simple, including the payment of transaction fees and platform currency holders can participate in some decision -making votes and up and down.2.0 Wallets need to be connected to the latest transaction information and blockchain data; the choice of partners and other downloads.Participate in related operating mobile phones such as voting and obtain platform rights and other machines. You need to register your account on these platforms.-From a voting mobile phone, participate in the lottery and other machines, it is based on Ethereum blockchain technology up and down, and completes authentication and binding bank account download.

2. There are two purposes of this agency, and 2.0 wallets support a variety of cryptocurrencies and tokens; on -board.2.0 how to ensure the security of assets.Firecoin and other mobile phones.

3. You can choose to introduce two wallets, Ethereum tokens, etc.: You can access the network by moving data or-connecting: support the hardware wallet, participate in the voting up and down.2.0 Wallets use multi -level safety measures.

4. You can purchase platform coins on some common cryptocurrency trading platforms: download on the homepage of wallets, assets with security and protection of users.Search for "" and download and install the apps on the store.In Ethereum, the team may provide some special rights and on -board for the platform coin holder.2 download, the key step is to introduce the mobile phone, and the payment handling fee is up and down.

5. Download and install the 2.0 wallet.2.0 wallet is a digital asset management tool, including the development of new functions.Management and transaction download.

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