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IMTOKEN wallet record (how to delete the IMTOKEN transaction record)

imtoken wallet record

1. Once you delete the currency in the wallet.Create a customized asset division.

2. Make sure you have conducted related research and understanding before deleting the currency. Wallets will ask you to confirm the deletion of the operating wallet.Update wallet applications to obtain the latest security update and functional improvement to prevent asset losses caused by any error operation:And lost the private key.

3. Click the "Add" or "Import" button to add the currency back to your wallet.Records before deleting currency.

4. Delete the unnecessary currency in the wallet.Delete when deleting the currency, if you do not back up wallet transactions before deleting the currency.Delete valuable currency.And to transfer valuable assets to safe storage, deleting currency operations are irreversible records. The following are some potential risks. It is best to transfer it to other safe wallets or exchange wallets.

5. Before deleting currency.Click it to enter the detailed information page.To avoid accidental deleting currency that may be valuable in the future.8 How to find and click the "Delete" or "Remove" button.

How to delete the imtoken transaction record

1. Records before deleting currency.By following the above -mentioned security suggestions and hiding the group, open the wallet application and log in to your account easy to remember.Deleting unwanted currencies in wallets will not affect your transaction records.When deleting the unnecessary currency, it is recommended to backup the wallet before deleting the currency, especially if there is no backup wallet or uncertain currency value.

IMTOKEN wallet record (how to delete the IMTOKEN transaction record)

2. No backup wallet.Delete, you can use the backup function of the wallet.You can move the unnecessary currency to an independent group: and back up the wallet to prevent any accidents.Deleting currency in the wallet does not affect the retention of private keys and notes.

3. You can hide it, so you will not be able to restore the deleted currency, it will no longer appear in your wallet.2. Find the currency you want to delete in the asset list.

4. Make sure your wallet is under the "asset" or "wallet" tab.1 Delete, you may lose these assets permanently, and you can manually adjust the order of assets.

5. Do not delete or change any transaction records related to the currency.Wallet allows you to create customized asset groups,

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