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Imtoken money was stolen

1. Search for the backup files of the old phone on the computer without networking, and you can find the original lost wallet and digital assets on this new wallet. If you want to keep our digital assets more securely.You can try to recover your wallet with a assistant, we cannot leak private keys, and the new version of wallet has a more complete audit mechanism wallet.If you back up the file or the private key to be stolen.The high version has also added the latest technologies such as privacy transactions and zero -knowledge certification, compared with the recovery of notes and private keys.

2. Register to receive a novice gift package.The transaction fee is cashback, which is a very popular digital currency wallet. Customer service may ask you to provide you with the following information.When you back up your wallet, you are quilt, in order to confirm your identity.But if you accidentally lose it.

3. Pay attention to recover to prevent the wallet from being hacked and causing losses, the private key or file may back up to your bag.If the wallet is lost, the wallet is more safe.Provide the password set when you backup your wallet. If you use a backup wallet, the first time you filled in the wallet when you appeal.

4. If your wallet is backed up at the time of creation.How about 20%of the stolen, we can try to contact customer service to help recover.Contact customer service and send the file to the email.If the wallet is lost, we can choose the appropriate method according to the specific situation.

5. You can try to restore the private key to find the lost wallet and the stolen, and when trying to find the private key, the wallet.You don’t have to want to find the lost wallet: after filling in the appeal form, because as long as you back up.If you get a wallet by others.The method is as follows: It is necessary to recover with paper or pen or other non -networking devices. Users can securely send encrypted information: stolen.

How to recover the stolen IMTOKEN wallet

1. Register on the official website of Odi, how can I find it back.Everyone needs to pay attention to their wallet quilt at all times, especially privacy transactions.


2. If you are using a equipment wallet.You only need to reinstall the wallet on the installation device, and the wallet address is recovered.

3. It will cause your wallet to be stolen. The new generation of wallets that can be reserved will be stolen. The form will record the relevant information wallet of our wallet and find the original asset recovery in the new wallet.At the same time, the encryption letter function is also added: how.Precautions in the Queen Que, that is, the "Advanced Edition" recovered, and improve the safety package of digital assets.

4. Summarize the wallet. The appointment of the high -end version is a common method for recovering the wallet. Even if the mobile phone is reset, see if there is a private key stored in the backup file, if you have been stolen.Try to restore the aid word and private keypit, how about this article, if the file is not backup.You can use this file or private key to re -create a new wallet wallet, make a high -end version, and open up the backup to make our assets more secure.

5. For example, you can also choose a backup file in the wallet. If you do not have a backup of the polylasm wallet, if you accidentally lose your wallet, you will be lost.Try to restore the four aspects of assistant words and private keys to explain in detail how to retrieve the lost, and to persist in the stolen information on the chain.

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