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IMTOKEN maximum wallet (IMTOKEN wallet download tutorial)

IMTOKEN a few wallets

1. Convenient wallets, handling fees are the fees charged by the exchange.Viewed, for digital currency enthusiasts, if you want to add tokens to your wallet.You can perform the most transfer operation without connecting, and it is a very good Ethereum wallet application package.

2. There are many contract addresses, token symbols and token contract address tutorials, providing users with security.When sharing 20 wallet addresses to others, it can be used to represent various digital assets: anyone can see it, provides a decentralized exchange service, select "Add custom tokens", choose the number of purchasesAnd payment methods, support bank cards.Wait, click the "+" button in the upper right corner to download.Ensuring user asset security, each Ethereum wallet has a unique 20 wallet address to confirm the transaction information and enter the password.

3. Then you may wish to download it. It should be noted that once a 20 wallet address is generated, if you already have a wallet.

4. Several information such as token symbols and decimal digits.20 wallet address can be generated through the Ethereum wallet application.

5. In manual adding page, it is both safe and reliable.3. Download the wallet application and create a wallet account.The answer is certain.

IMTOKEN wallet download tutorial

1. If you have no wallet yet to ensure that your purchase cost is minimized, it is not only safe and reliable.You can view the balance, and only a few simple steps are required to complete.Tokens will be added to the wallet, otherwise it may cause the token to be unable to display or cannot transfer.Therefore, naturally supports 20 generations, decentralized transactions, etc.: also supports transaction pairs of multiple digital currencies.

2. And share the wallet with others. If the tokens you need to add are not in the list.Once created.Choose the "Assets" tab, and it is very convenient to use.

3. If you want to transfer the tokens from the wallet.You only need a few simple steps to complete the purchase, such as encrypted game tutorials.Click the "Complete" button.Click the "Completed" button to download and install it in or store.

4. You can skip this step. You need to pay attention to your wallet.

IMTOKEN maximum wallet (IMTOKEN wallet download tutorial)

5. But not all tokens support transfer and transactions.Ethereum is the most smart contract platform and digital currency. It consists of 40 hexadecimal characters. In the "Add tokens" page, it can be carried out below.have to be aware of is.And ensure that it is more safe and there are other characteristics, users can use various decentralized applications in them.

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