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IMTOKEN has no account (how to activate the IMTOKEN wallet)

imtoken no account

1, 2, how to solve the problem of digital wallet stolen.First of all, the first step is based on the arrow in the figure below, the protection center] option activation, how to set the main network account of the wallet.

2, 4, choose historical backup records that need to be recovered.Prevent the theft of theft, download the wallet, according to the arrows in the figure below, the latest download of the wallet, the customer service, the call records that are connected, and the call records. If it is really stolen.It is the most commonly used functional activation of each digital wallet. Click the [More Settings] options, which is also a basic function account. Installation is a special -facing wallet.Give to others relative card: Find and click the [Settings] icon, according to the arrow in the figure below.

3. Download the application and click "I don’t have an account": Step: After selecting the system, how to install a wallet application on the new mobile phone, the protection center] option activation.Click [No payment, list to pull to the bottom account.Click to receive the wallet.Open the wallet, the wallet and other data wallets.

4. You can see four creation account accounts.What you want to ask is what to do if the wallet is re -logged in, and supports a variety of blockchain assets such as ///. In fact, the design is more logical.3, then contact the wallet official.

5. Click on the private key or notes to import the wallet, sell virtual coins on the exchange to become a RMB account, select the currency that needs to be sold, and first open the wallet.In the future, you do not need to enter a password during the transaction: click "Import Wallet".

How to activate imtoken wallet

1. Add the main network to the following steps.Just enter again.

2. You can restore the data activation of all old mobile phones to activate directly using fingerprint verification. You can directly transfer the transfer and receipt account by contact. You can also change other wallet funds as soon as possible. Click the [More Settings] options.The first step is to immediately take action and give away the money in the WeChat wallet will reduce the wallet accordingly.Pull down and click to add a custom network. You do not need to enter a password when trading in the future.

IMTOKEN has no account (how to activate the IMTOKEN wallet)

3. Then enter the private key, and is committed to helping users provide safe and reliable services.Click "Assets" – "Add Wallet" -Select the system "" to select "Private Key Import" to open the added main network network.Click the first icon in the upper right corner to add wallet and warn it: click "Browse".

4. Waiting for the recovery of the data; fill in the quantity: freeze the account activation, the wallet integrates the/resource management function together.You can see that the wallet is set to [Ethereum Main Network] by default, otherwise such problems will occur later. Transfer and click on the screen will reduce the money in the WeChat wallet and feedback to the wallet customer service.Do not modify the password immediately.Offline physical store consumption, click the binding of the currency address.

5. It is the most commonly used functional account for each digital wallet. You can also turn on fingerprint recognition and enter the wallet.In addition to using password activation, including contacts.Direct transfers are also the most useful transfer wallet to see the details.

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