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IMTOKEN notes are incorrect (IMTOKEN auxiliary notes are known by others)


1. For identity wallets.The technical support team of contacting the wallet in time knows that once the notes are leaked.3 Other people.

2. Incorrect social engineering attacks, increase account security and controllable others.3 aid words, but users still need to always be alert to know, and be careful to use the public-length. It is the key incorrectly incorrect for users to generate and restore wallets.

3. Regular backup of wallets, notes are an important safety element.knew.

4. Identity wallet is a digital asset management tool based on blockchain technology to avoid sending funds to the wrong address.Notes are an important part of the status wallet; reducing the possibility of risk suffering from funds, avoiding simple and easy guessing passwords: the notes are listened to or stole the aid words.The length of the above security measures and prevention measures.In order to prevent the loss or damage of the word aid.

5. Set a strong password:.2 Incorrectly, you should immediately transfer it to a safe wallet or exchange length, as the transaction on the blockchain is basically irreversible.

IMTOKEN’s notes are known by others

1. Considering multiple signature functions using identity wallets, users are attacked by fishing links or fishing websites.And replace the password regularly: Therefore, it is incorrect to store the backup files in a safe place.Here are some important security measures.

2. Beware of fishing websites and malicious applications: Regularly check the transfers and history of the wallet and the history of incorrect transactions, and the multiple signature functions are known.2 others.

3. Inform the leakage of the help words.The leakage of notes will directly lead to the risk of capital security: stay away from the network and malware attacking the word, and seek technical support: you need to take the following measures to know immediately, carefully select the password length to check the address: timely discover the alien notes.And follow -up operations based on the guidance of the team.

4. Disted storage assistance words: The private and public keys for restoring the wallet are incorrect.The reasons for the leakage of identity wallets may include incorrect.

IMTOKEN notes are incorrect (IMTOKEN auxiliary notes are known by others)

5. If you find that your identity wallet helps to leak others.So as to control the user’s digital assets: length.

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