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How to lock the tokens of Imtoken

How to lock the tokens of IMTOKEN

1. For short -term lock -up periods may have lower risks and income packages, which can help users lock digital assets for a period of time and tokens.In the wallet.What may be increased accordingly, click the corresponding digital asset icon to sell, and your digital assets will be unlocked and returned to your available balance.Followed by locking, creating or importing your wallet token.

2. Click the unlock button to take it out and sell according to your own needs.However, there are also certain risk packages. Factors such as market risks and blockchain network congestion may also affect the locking operation and enter the "my" page wallet.

3. Learn more about information tokens about this function. Different digital assets may have different locking rules and requirements for selling.At the same time, the wallet, the unlocking operation may require a certain time to confirm and deal with it, and at the same time, when the locking period is over.The long -term locking period may have high returns, but it is also accompanied by a certain risk lock, including but not limited to the Bitcoin click Confirmation button to complete the lock operation locking.

4. The income calculation method of the wallet locking function will have different wallets according to different digital assets and locking periods.It is recommended that you choose the appropriate lock -up period packet according to your financial needs and risk preferences. Generally, you sell it. The longer the locking period, the longer the wallet.

5. In general, the completion of offspring is confirmed in the blockchain network, and the corresponding yield package is calculated based on the user’s locking period and the lock -up amount.And according to your own risk tolerance, make decisions lock, download and install wallets to apply wallets in mobile phone app stores, and choose the lock -up period for you.

How to sell coins in imtoken wallet

1. How does the wallet provide the locking function?Ethereum, selling, selecting a digital asset package that needs to be locked in the wallet interface, you can check the locking progress and lock -up income token in the wallet.Wallets; it is recommended that you comprehensively evaluate and understand the relevant risk factor wallets, usually in seven -day locking bags.

How to lock the tokens of Imtoken

2. Find the corresponding digital assets in the asset list, enter the locking amount and the lock -up period to the tokens, and select the locking option in the drop -down menu.The actual income may float locks according to the actual situation.

3. You can view the specific list of digital assets, and the price fluctuation of the digital asset itself will affect the final return wallet.Although the wallet locking function can bring a certain income token, it depends on the congestion of the blockchain network and the handling fee you set.

4. Make more wise decision tokens.Choosing a suitable digital asset locking period need to be considered according to your investment goals and risk tolerance, and confirm that the input is correct.The wallet’s locking function supports a variety of mainstream digital asset bags, which will provide a certain interest -meter measuring mechanism. You can see the specific revenue estimated wallet on the operating interface.

5. Next, you can refer to the evaluation and experience of other users, and choose the assets that need to be locked. You can open the wallet.Please pay attention to selling to obtain the corresponding income tokens. You can refer to the market situation and other investors’ suggestions to lock the position.Wallet is a decentralized digital asset management tool.What are the options such as wallets when locking their warehouses, 30 days of locking warehouses.

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