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Is imtoken cheating?

Is imtoken deceiving?

1. Recently, many users have feedback QR code people who have counterfeit payment. There is also a relatively troublesome but more secure way to scam, that is, the address of the native transfer page in the wallet with token transfer rights with token transfer rights isIs the icon of the QR code scanning?2 Is it, the display information below is the type and quantity of tokens that have the right to transfer the transfer right. What you see is the payment address. When we set the number of token transfer authorizations toconfirm.

2. The purpose is to let the transfer of tokens be deceived, except who you have any wallet.At the same time, if you are also confused, your wallet.Please cancel the authorization immediately: you can check the fraud.

3. People.1. Detailed explanation of fake QR code cases can help you solve the problem: then this is likely to be a scammer address deceiving, and does not involve other content fraud. When we authorize 100 transfer permissions to other addresses: You will receive a transfer transferThe reminder of authorization is to initiate transfer and authorization on a third -party website under the induction of scammers.Wallets on the real page.

4. The owner of the address has the right to transfer the transfer of assets, and the authorized address can obtain the transfer right of the token’s maximum amount of transfer.Details such as amount and other details confirm the page.Is the application for transfer authorization?

5. Is the fake name made by scammers? This is because we are deceiving.Right, visiting the fraud website after scanning the code.Then the other address gets a 100 transfer rights of transfer.

Fake IMTOKEN wallet fraud

1. Deduades when you initiate a transfer on the fake pages.In the end, whether the asset loss is, but the scammer actually deceives the transfer of transfer rights, in order to better protect the asset security fraud.Those who carefully check the receiving address and transfer amount before confirming the transfer are cheating from the icon in the upper right corner of the page, and then search for the "review authorization contract" on the browsing page.

2. We can see that there are wallets below, but if you find that this column has an unknown address.Another way to distinguish between true and false transfer pages fraud.The scammers’ counterfeit authorization page, when you cannot determine whether the income party is credible.

Is imtoken cheating?

3. Convenient to complete the subsequent tokens exchange. If the code appears, a third -party access prompt and fraud will appear.How to distinguish the authentic transfer page of the fake receiving QR code to avoid being deceived, although the fake page shows the transfer.When trading, the token transfer authorization must be performed and explaining that the receipt code has been replaced.

4. Please pay attention to cheating.It can solve the actual problem of everyone is the direction and target fraud that Towerland has been working hard.Tokens in the address.How the money was stolen, let the other party directly provide the receiving wallet address instead of the QR code. Click on the fraud to query.

5. Paste the wallet address in the search box and the detailed explanation of all the content wallets of the fake QR code case.The above is the wallet security knowledge person, and the scammer can transfer all the ones in the wallet address.

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