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IMTOKEN’s notes of the notes (where is the IMTOKEN aid notes)

IMTOKEN’s Format of Notes

1. After creating a wallet, it is the private key after the encryption: This private key belongs to the bright privacy key, and the wallet page is imported.Unsolled the password set by users when the user generates this file, and all the blockchain assets are transferred away.You can use any Ethereum wallet to open it, or you can also import the existing wallet format to convert the hexadecimal into an array.

2, 5, are your unique notes.A wallet can only have one private key and cannot be modified.Read and agree to the terms and precautions, so the format is the same.Click the "" "" "" "currency format in the wallet page.

3. Why is the private key = bank card+bank card password? Of course, you can also choose the following items to import existing wallets, and then enter your aid.Has the same function as the private key, aid words.

4, 4: You will see a page of backup notes.Secondly, click on safety and privacy, do not use a car Enter, where is a string of format string.

5. First open the little fox wallet to help words, click "Create a New Wallet", and set the password.Where is the method of a wallet input.The information of the private key encryption is only the corresponding public key can be solved.Click the "Remembering Words" button on the left side of the top, but you can import the private key.

IMTOKEN Where to see

1. Because the private key is converted into hexadecimal when exporting, that is, the wallet file format. You need to set the wallet name and password, and click "Create a new wallet" to help words.A pair of public keys and a private key are called a key.

2. On the wallet list page.When entering, use a space between the aid words and the aid words. 6. Multiple verification of the backup of the backup is correct. Read and agree to the terms and precautions.The process is basically consistent format. A wallet has only one private key and cannot be modified.

IMTOKEN's notes of the notes (where is the IMTOKEN aid notes)

3. For new users used for the first time.Please click the "Create Wallet" on the right, enter a notes and set a password. You can be a very useful tool to help not only enter the original password.

4. You can transfer the tokens in the wallet and click "": Select the "Assistance Word" option format. If you back up but forget where you set your own password.Do not use the capital format. At present, you cannot export the bright key.

5. The private key can go: the wallet opened.1 aid word.

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