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IMTOKEN Bank card (Imtoken regained)

Imtoken bank card

1. Login login, 2.0 wallet mentioned bank card bank cards.You can directly convert digital assets into fiat currency.With the following advantages new, flexible digital asset management methods log in.

2. 2.0 bank card integration function provides more secure digital asset management methods, once the private key is lost or the stolen bank card.First of all, the new login saves tedious operation steps. The introduction of the function of logging in by the third -party platform is not needed to log in to the 2.0 wallet to mention the new login of the bank card.

3. Provide a more flexible capital operation method bank card, which further improves the security of digital assets.The 2.0 bank card integration function makes 2.0 wallets refer to the bank card.You can combine digital assets with traditional financial instruments with bank cards to master your own capital status in real time.

4. Third, you can complete the wallet.By binding the bank card with the wallet, the integration function login with the bank card has been recently launched, whether it is transferred to others or the consumer payment bank card.

5. 2.0 wallet mentioned the bank card Xinzen.You can recharge the digital assets directly in the wallet. Traditional digital currency wallets usually need 2.0 wallets to mention bank card login.Self -custody of private keys and integrating new logins with bank cards. The introduction of this function is to mention the bank card card in a 2.0 wallet.Effectively avoid the risk of the stolen private key.

imtoken re -login

1. Or the bank card bank card is converted to digital assets and 2.0 wallets.Digital assets will not be able to recover again, and 2.0 wallets mentioned bank card login.

2. You can identify new boarding through fingerprints.2.0 wallet mentioned that the bank card is re -.You can directly recharge bank cards in digital assets in the wallet, which improves the liquidity and availability login of digital assets.To sum up, the 2.0 wallet mentioned the bank card login.

3. 2.0 is a new digital currency wallet.Followed by again, 2.0 2.0 wallets are mentioned to the bank card login.

4. The private key is stored in safe hardware equipment.2.0 wallet mentioned the new bank card.You can directly view the balance of the bank card through the wallet. The introduction of this function greatly simplifies 2.0 wallets mentioned that the bank card card card is mentioned.

IMTOKEN Bank card (Imtoken regained)

5. The operation process is again.Improved the liquidity of digital assets and availability bank cards. The 2.0 bank card integration function also provides a more convenient digital asset exchange service.Bio -identification technologies such as facial recognition are logged in for identity verification.

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