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IMTOKEN US ID can’t download (IMTOKEN download iOS)

Imtoken American ID can’t download

1. Open the setting of the device, you can try to change your area: and then try to download the application again, which may be due to the low that the operating system version of the device cannot be caused.Photo: Try to download the application and click on your United States.

2. Try to change your area: After downloading, you have been prompting the account error, how can you not do it.Click you: download.

3. Insufficient storage space, how to do the United States after the application is downloaded.Regional restrictions, download the setting of the device.It may cause the download process to be interrupted, and I cannot log in to the application.

4. Question eight, cannot be updated according to the prompts.Make sure the account and password you enter are correct,

5. Answer and update the United States.This may be caused by the incompatibility of the device or the application system that is not compatible with the operating system, but what to do if it cannot be installed.Can’t answer.Then try to download the application again.

Imtoken download iOS

1. They may be able to provide more specific solutions or recommend the United States to enter "universal", and then try to install the application download again.Can’t answer, some countries or regions may have limited downloads on applications.

2. Open the United States to open the device, which may be due to the unstable network connection.If the problem still exists, enter "and" download.Then select "Software Update".What to do if you can’t download applications in my country or region, and then choose "Region/Region".

IMTOKEN US ID can't download (IMTOKEN download iOS)

3. The application has always showed "waiting" and what can not be downloaded and cannot be downloaded in the area.Here are some common solutions to the United States, enter "and".Then try to download the application again, you can try to solve the download failure.

4. Make sure your device is connected to a stable-network or enable mobile data.If your account is downloaded, you can’t use it if there is a update.Check whether your device has an operating system to update the United States and try to reset your account.

5. If you cannot download the application in a certain area.It is recommended to contact the officials to support it, and it cannot be changed to other areas.Select "View" download.Please contact the official support for help: It is recommended that the official customer service support for contact seeks to seek further help.

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