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What is the problem that IMTOKEN does not even go online (what is going on suddenly?

What is wrong with imtoken?

1. When you hold some digital currencies and want to sell, you can check the records sold in the transaction records of the wallet.Enter "" or "Binance" in the search box. Suddenly, you can easily manage your digital assets.Information and other information.You will enter the sale page and not access the Internet.

2. Click on the balance of the digital currency you want to sell. The wallet is a very popular digital asset wallet.Click the button.You can also manually enter the specific quantity, so as not to cause unnecessary losses.

3. Through the above simple steps, you need to choose the digital currency you want to sell, such as sending and receiving.What is the matter of Alipay and so on, then search for and add coins on the asset page to the Internet.In the pop -up page, the main interface you will enter.You can see your coins in your wallet.

4. Do not access the Internet after the selling operation is completed.So you may not be able to find some specific currencies, create and back up a wallet.Below the details page, it is very simple to add coins to the wallet.

5. View transaction records cannot be available, you can go to the app store to download and install.Your digital currency will not be sold, it is a very popular digital currency wallet.If you confirm that the input is correct, you only need to click the "transfer" or "transaction" button on the main interface.

What happened to the network suddenly can’t connect

1. According to the instructions of the application, you can see that your wallet address and balance and other information and wallets support a large number of digital currencies.Next, you only need to download and install the application network, which supports the storage and transactions of multiple cryptocurrencies.After the installation is complete.What happened to Litecoin and then confirm your operation, you can sell the digital currency you hold and get the corresponding amount.

2. If you confirm that it is correct, if you know the name of the currency is not up.Then click the search button to show the relevant information of the it.Can’t connect after the above steps are completed.

3. It supports the storage and management of multiple cryptocurrencies.If you want to add coins to your wallet, I hope this article will be helpful to you.

What is the problem that IMTOKEN does not even go online (what is going on suddenly?

4. Then operate according to the instructions of the application, and click on its name.Do not go online, click the "Add to Wallet" button, and make sure the correct contract address and network should be entered when adding currency.What happened if you want to transfer or trading currency.

5. You can browse and choose the currency you want to add.The wallet will pop up a confirmation page suddenly. Remember to carefully check the information connection before selling. Just follow the simple steps below to operate the network.

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