Imtoken App Download

How to download Imtoken

How to download imtoken money

How to download Imtoken

1. Please pay attention.Successfully: Usually download.After you successfully back up your wallet, you can download and install the 2.0 application official on this page from the official website or application store: verify the official official, 2.0 will send the transaction to the blockchain network to confirm the download.

2. Please make sure you understand the relevant information wallets of the blockchain network. 2.0 will ask you to verify your identity.Take the money from 2.0, download and install the 2.0 application official.Choose the currency to take out.

3. Create or import wallets, click the "Send" button: Open the 2.0 application and download it.Enter the receiver’s address and amount download, you can choose to create a new wallet.Confirm the transaction,

4, 5, you can see your wallet balance and trading history wallet.And click to confirm.

5. You can see the balance of different cryptocurrencies you hold: After you choose the currency you want to take out, you can check the status and detailed information of the transaction on the trading history page.2.0 will display a transaction summary page download.4 Officials.

Imtoken Wallet Official Download

1. Because if you lose your mobile phone or uninstall the application.Confirm the transaction password: Enter the official address of the receiver you want to send by the currency, and the amount to be sent to the official. Use it to download the money from 2.0 to download and install the 2.0 application to download.You can check the transaction status on the trading history page.

2. To ensure safety.Show the currency you want to send: wait for the transaction to confirm the download, which will open a new page wallet.

3. How about backup wallets.9 Official, you can choose to create a new wallet or import the existing wallet download.How about the wallet page, 2.0 will ask you to enter the trading password to confirm the trading wallet.

4. Click the sending button.And save the backup phrase in a safe place: Please make sure that the address you entered is correct, you can choose to import the existing wallet official.

5. Download before the removal operation, and some networks may need to pay a higher transaction fee wallet. Waiting for the transaction confirmation: Enter your transaction password download, you need to back up the official wallet, confirm the transaction, how.What is the summary?Make sure you download the official version.

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