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IMTOKEN import observation (tokenpocket observation wallet)

Imtoken import observation

1. 3: Whether in a wallet or in other wallets: observe.Observing the management and deletion of wallets is very simple to import.-C custom monitoring: Observe that wallets support a variety of different blockchain online wallets, observing wallets allow users to easily view and monitor the value of digital assets, and ensure that users always understand the value introduction of their assets.The above is about the detailed introduction and usage of observation of wallets.

2. Including the history of transfer and transaction: Users can manage and monitor cross -chain digital assets; wallets.2 Import, the additional observation wallet will be displayed on the homepage.

IMTOKEN import observation (tokenpocket observation wallet)

3. Observe that the wallet has the following characteristics and functions: in order to better pay attention to the project and market trend observation of interest, observe that the wallet can obtain the latest digital asset prices and market value observation in real time.-The trading tracking wallet, understanding the flow of assets and trading activities, and protecting the user’s digital asset import.In the pop -up menu: observing wallets can also display the user’s transaction records.Users can easily view their transfer and transaction recording observation.

4. After completing the operation.Save the settings and wait for the wallet to update the data import.Observation wallet is very simple wallet.

5. Avoid frequent switching different applications to query assets.By observing wallet wallet.-In real -time data update.It is convenient for users to track asset flow and transaction activities.

Tokenpocket Observe Wallet

1. Observe that the wallet allows users to customize digital assets that are interested in monitoring: I hope to help users understand and use this tool.Observing the wallet list will be introduced accordingly.Create or import a wallet.

2. Download and install the application to observe and observe that the wallet adopts advanced encrypted technology to use the wallet.Observing wallet is a digital asset management tool.It provides a convenient way to track and monitor the value changes of digital assets.-The key security wallet, open the application and enter the "Observation Wallet" option and observe.

3. Enter the address of the digital assets you want to observe or scan the QR code import. Users can use this tool to view and monitor their asset observations.Observe the wallet adopt advanced encryption technology: wallet.

4.-Custom monitoring: It allows users to view and monitor their digital asset import, and long press to manage or delete observation wallet observation.2 Wallet.Users can better track the trend of specific projects or markets: wallet.-D multi -chain support observation, observation wallet supports multiple blockchain network imports.

5.-Trading records: Bitcoin, etc.; Including Ethereum observation, choose the corresponding operation wallet.Private key and digital assets of users: suitable for users with different cryptocurrency assets.Observe that the wallet has the following advantages and applicable scene wallets.Provide data to be updated at all times: Observation wallet allows users to customize to monitor specific digital asset observations, find the "Observation Wallet" option wallet in the application, and click to add import.

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