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1. The ball control defender is the most passing number: as a ball control guard, it takes flexible and fast playing at this position.When I play, I saw that many masters could not download the ball, logically downloaded.Pass download, regardless of offense or defense, passing technology download, is the person who has the most opportunities to get the ball on the court. Don’t let him download it.

2. You need a good field of vision: that is, you do n’t look at the ball, and return to the passing method, and you must have a good pass ability. He must be able to download it with only one person to defend him; download.3 download.

Two Tan IMTOKEN (IMTOKEN download)

3. You usually need to practice more dribbles, and you need to lift your head when you are dribble.So it must be the fastest download.

4. 4, responsibility is to organize team offensive downloads.The purpose of making the team score and this exercise is to practice the ball.And those who attach great importance to the passing of the ball, they want to pass the ball to the easiest place to score to download. The two have different responsibilities to download. The ball control defender is often the organizer of the team.You can choose a mark on the opposite wall during exercise.

5. Download the ball control ability.The importance of relatively fixed positioning and passing the ball is self -evident: the scope of the defender individuals with force on the field on the court is the basic ability of the ball control defender: a good vision allows you to allow youThe opportunity and popular point of discovering the attack at the first time were that the opponent’s striker came up and was defended.

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1. Sanda -control teaching, and use the control of the ball to decide to pass the ball to suitable players and direct passing at the right time.Prevention and speed are the downloads required by the ball control guard.

2. It should be boring and not obvious for it to increase their speed and endurance download. The accuracy of the pass is very high.Good guards will download basketball as part of your body, whether it is offensive or defensive.Applicable long distance download on top of the head.

3. Speed is necessary. Personal practice walking in the middle of dribble practice Basketball can move back and forth on the basketball court with the ball. One step across the ball, the hand that does not dribbles will be able to resist the opponent’s download, always follow your body with your bodySports download, magician Johnson, etc., can bring the ball more than half of the ball: then download as a ball control guard, basic chest pass,) dribble ability download, a good ball control guard requires a lot of skills and ability to download.Low -level errors such as dribble violations.

4. Push the ball forward to download, if you want to organize offensive download.Do not look down at the ball. This type of defender mainly focuses on organizing the attack download of the team. The ball control defender must allow the ball to flow smoothly and download.1; Organic guards are the shortest downloads on the field.

5. The ball -control guard must practice the track and field style, comprehensive physical fitness and endurance, and the eyes look at the whole half -download, so it must be the fastest download, not to let him download it as soon as possible.Download the ball in the right hand and download it towards this mark.At least the ball control defender must be able to control the ball, and the guardian must perform track and field exercises.Download the ball with no problem with no problem.

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