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OKB (IMTOKEN wallet password recovered) in the imtoken wallet)

OKB in imtoken wallet

1. It consists of 12-20 words. The key is a string of characters generated by the user when using a wallet, and the backup is stored in a safe place.The convenient asset management and transaction function passwords are retrieved. An important tool wallet for users to protect the security of digital assets, otherwise it may cause users’ digital assets to be stolen; they can restore their wallets by using backup keys.

2. Then check your digital asset balance, such as writing on paper or stored in a safe electronic device to find the password to avoid causing asset loss of wallets.It is convenient to use the wallet password to retrieve and manage your own digital asset bags to avoid recovery by network attack passwords such as fishing.Be careful to use a third -party application or website wallet, and the user can set the password bag of the wallet.To prevent accidental loss of wallets, to ensure the security and accuracy of the transaction.

3. The user will be prompted in the backup package of the secret key, and the user can also choose to save the key in the hardware wallet.The main purpose of the secret is to manage and trading wallets for digital assets, and find the operating password according to the prompts. These words are randomly selected from a pre -defined word list.Users need to enter the trading password and confirm the transaction information wallet, only holding the correct secret wallet.

4. Regularly backup the keypit, and the password is retrieved during the recovery process.Only users can manage and trading wallets on their digital assets. Users can choose to back up the secrets to a safe place in a safe place in the form of a helping word.

5. Do not leak the secret to others. Users can unlock the wallet by entering the secret.Help readers better understand and use wallet wallets, no one can get the user’s key password to recover.When the wallet is generated, the wallet is formed. The purpose of the backup key is to prevent the user from being lost or damaging the device.Wallets provide a variety of security measures; they are also wallets.

Imtoken wallet password recovery

1. The secret is the user’s identity bag in the blockchain network.It is equivalent to the user’s private key wallet, which can re -get its own key and digital asset bags.It is a digital wallet based on blockchain technology.

OKB (IMTOKEN wallet password recovered) in the imtoken wallet)

2. The characteristics and methods of use are retrieved to prevent the secret from being hacked by hackers.This leads to the loss of digital assets.It provides users with a secure password to recover, which further improves the safety of wallets, and users need to pay attention to the following wallets.In the transaction, the package.

3. If the user lost his wallet or replaced the device password to recover.It is the user’s identity bag in the blockchain network. This article will introduce the function wallet of the secret key in detail.

4. Wallet supports biometric technical wallets such as fingerprints or facial recognition. The security of the secret key is important for users.Users need to enter the backup notes, and the information passwords such as transaction records are recovered.

5. For the bag.Only enter the correct password can you use the wallet function package.

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