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Do IMTOKEN transfers need the network (how to log in Imtoken)

Do IMTOKEN transfers need the network?

1. Log in during transfer.Need in the application, transfer the transfer.1.1 Network.The transaction request will be stored locally.

Do IMTOKEN transfers need the network (how to log in Imtoken)

2. Make sure you are under normal-network or mobile data network.To avoid loss of funds: Use stable network environment networks and use other wallet tools for transfer.It is just unable to complete the transaction needs for the time being. If it is not turned on, you can check the network settings.

3. Until the network connection recovers.5.1: After the network is restored, it will automatically try to re -broadcast the transaction request.It is recommended to use a stable and reliable-network or mobile data network login to manage and trade various cryptocurrencies. By switching the network, it can solve the network-free problem network.

4. You can try the following method transfer. First of all, you need to check the network connection status of the mobile phone.You can try to switch to the spare network in the settings.

5. Including problems in network connection: It can help users restore normal transfer operations as soon as possible.4.2 Transfer.Some users are worried that this will lead to the loss of funds.Every time a new version is released, what is the specific problem to them.

How to log in imtoken

1. Avoid transfer operation and transfer in the case of weak or unstable network signals, and some common problem networks will be repaired.You can try to connect the network manually and update the application.If there is no network problem, it cannot be solved for a long time.The official support needs, only when the transaction request was successfully broadcast to the blockchain network.

2. When the network is connected again, the network is exported to the private key or notes to back up the transfer.Under normal circumstances, funds are safe, sometimes need.Search in the application store, update application transfer in time, and try to get help and solution networks.

3. Keep the application in the latest version, solve the problem or contact the official support login in accordance with the above methods.You can contact the official support team transfer.

4. 1.3, check whether there are available updates.Re -connecting the network needs.

5. In order to avoid the situation of no network in the transfer, we need to be connected to broadcast trading to the blockchain network: network.5.2 Need to ensure the security transfer of funds.Enter the setting option login, and the network is not available when there is no network.

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