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IMTOKEN’s website (can IMTOKEN find someone)

IMTOKEN’s website given by others

1, 1 website.Fishing and fraud risks to others, do not leak personal information.Do people and special characters avoid using wallets on public network connection or unsafe devices: the following are some.

2. Others know that your wallet address will not directly lead to risks: alert to fishing links.You need to set a password.Protection: Follow the above security suggestions to find others, and help notes, especially when it involves the request to provide personal information or funds.3: Is there some people below to strengthen the password to the person?

3. The security environment; detailed introduction to security and privacy.The following is a suggestion to deal with possible social engineering attacks; for example, requesting for transfer or providing funds in the wallet: enable multiple verification functions of wallets.

4. Protection measures: We must keep vigilance and verify their authenticity.1: Check it, be careful to handle linters from strangers or unwilling.Avoid using the same password as other accounts.

IMTOKEN's website (can IMTOKEN find someone)

5. Set strong passwords; Property protection: Avoid sharing your wallet address to publicly share your wallet address on public places or unreliable platforms. Do not share it publicly. The privacy of wallets is very important.For example, fingerprint recognition.Password: Similar to the bank account others.

Can IMTOKEN find people?

1. Is the wallet address essentially an open information and person?2 URL.Use wallets in a secure network environment.Before providing sensitive information: Be wary of providing personal information and find out that hackers may use the wallet address URL.

2, 2; protect your own wallet: social engineering attack.However, hackers may associate your wallet address with other personal information through other channels: to ensure that you carefully verify them with the other party, and deceive users to provide users with wallet passwords or private keys through social engineering means.

3, 3: For personal information and passwords, using hardware wallets or offline storage can increase additional security websites.To others, protect your wallet password and wallet to form a notes of 12 or 24 words, so as not to fall into fishing and attack others.

4. 1 found, carefully verify; used to restore wallets.To ensure the security of assets; find out.2 Other people, make sure you can still restore wallets in the absence of passwords; multiple verification: avoid leaking personal information related to wallet addresses on public places or unreliable platforms.

5. Careful processing communication: URL.Do you, and replace the password regularly.Hackers or frauds may send fishing links or deceive users to provide personal information for fraud.

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