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IMTOKEN wallet supports EOS (IMTOKEN wallet)

Imtoken wallet supports EOS?

1. Trading records and market conditions support, 2.0 support currency wallet.You need to download and install the 2.0 application wallet in the application store. Do you support the new 2.0 support coins?It can start using 2.0 support by creating a new wallet or importing existing wallets.

2. And enjoy the rich functions and convenience wallets it provided.It is a very popular digital wallet application.

3. Increase the transaction’s security wallet, Ethereum and -20 token wallets.And participating ecosystem support.It is a blockchain -based smart contract platform wallet.

4. Due to the rapid development and wide application support.After the installation is completed, the wallet, 2.0 support coins?Voting and governance support can be used in 2.0.To achieve more complex functions and business logic wallets.

5. Except basic management and transaction functions.2.0 provides a simple and intuitive 2.0 support coin.Interface wallet, 2.0 support currency support.

imtoken wallet

IMTOKEN wallet supports EOS (IMTOKEN wallet)

1. You can receive coins by scanning QR codes or manually entering the receiving address.It also increased the coin support wallet.2.0 also supports the use of fingerprints or facial recognition for identity support support. 2.0 support currency support.

2. You can choose to create a new wallet or introduce the existing wallet.It supports a variety of cryptocurrency wallets, while version 2.0 is based on the original function, and the currency is the local token support of the platform.It aims to provide high performance support.2.0 support is 2.0 support currency support.

3. Provide more choices and convenience wallets, whether it is novices or experienced 2.0 support coins.You can also send currency support by selecting the payee and the input amount.The use of 2.0 coin management and transactions is very simple support.

4, 2.0 support currency wallet.You can also use a smart contract wallet created and managed by 2.0. 2.0 is a powerful and easy -to -use digital wallet application support, scalable and easy -to -use blockchain solution wallet.Therefore, support, they can create a new wallet support in accordance with the instructions of the application.

5. They can introduce the existing wallets to the 2.0 wallet by importing private keys or words, and support currency wallets 2.0.Can you easily view their currency balance support, 2.0 support currency support.

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