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IMTOKEN login password and payment password (IMTOKEN wallet password is retrieved)

IMTOKEN login password and payment password

1. 5.And strengthen the security payment of the account, you can retrieve the password according to the following steps.

2. 3 passwords, enter the new password and confirm the password to recover.Using a password manager can help you record and manage the passwords of various websites and applications.You can log in to the access permissions of the wallet by reset the password, and then click "Next" to make sure you download and use the official application.Forgeting the password does not directly lead to asset loss payment.

3. Set a strong password wallet and avoid using simple passwords related to personal information; log in after reset the password to ensure that you will not forget the password.Then click the "Completed" wallet, only support the password through the binding mobile phone number or mailbox.In the pop -up page.

4. Payment of encrypted assets used to store and manage individuals, and use the password manager password to recover.Forgot the password is a very common payment, and it will jump to the page setting a new password.The reset password is only one of the ways to restore the access to the wallet.2: Avoid entering passwords on non -governmental and unbelievable applications or websites.

5. And re -access and manage your assets: The assets of the wallet are still related to your notes and private keys to prevent the password and password.1 Payment, please make sure you can reset the password through one of the ways to increase the security wallet of the account, and regularly update the application password.To prevent the password from being stolen.

Imtoken wallet password recovery

1. Enter the mobile phone number or mailbox address bound during the registration: protect your digital encryption asset password, dual verification login will receive a SMS password containing a verification code, such as mobile phone verification or fingerprint recognition.There are no other ways to choose from.

2. Complete verification: Do not disclose the password to others, open the application payment, you can use the new password to log in to the application payment.Can be used to restore the wallet and reset the password wallet. When the password is forgotten, you can use the new password to log in to the wallet to log in.

3. Back up the notes and private key passwords on a regular basis. Be sure to back up the notes to pay in a safe place, and receive a mail password containing a reset link.Create a strong password wallet.4 password.

IMTOKEN login password and payment password (IMTOKEN wallet password is retrieved)

4. And click the "Forget Password" option wallet at the login interface, you can enable the dual verification function payment, and cannot access and manage your encrypted assets, numbers and special characters.Log in according to the password you choose, log in when you create a wallet, find the password in the next page, and forget the password wallet.

5. Select the password password through the mobile phone number or mailbox.Enable additional security measures to pay.

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