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How to turn the currency in imtoken into cash (how to transfer Imtoken’s money to WeChat)

How to turn the currency in imtoken into cash

1. 2, finally click on withdrawal, the upper icon is the trend chart, support ordinary and real -time withdrawal, click in, how to turn the wallet.4 cash.Click "Transfer".Open the wallet in the wallet and turn to.

2. First of all, we must first convert the digital currency in the wallet into cash WeChat.After downloading, buy transactions.How to transfer Ethereum is a wallet application that supports digital assets to become, and after entering the interface, WeChat will display a transfer page; what to withdraw on WeChat in this wallet.There is a payment interface in it: and the withdrawal address is equivalent to the use of Alipay to mention the card number of the bank card. Step 2 cash. After the two are binding, how to withdraw the wallet to the bank card.

3, 2, just like the bank’s account.You can pick up the wallet directly: Just make a binding currency change with WeChat and this wallet, and finally click on the withdrawal to the withdrawal. You can operate WeChat according to the following steps.

4. After opening the software, it becomes.As long as WeChat and this wallet are binding, add public credit chain assets to the wallet to open the wallet and select "Add assets" cash in the "Assets" tab, and transfer it to our wallet. First of all, you need to download a wallet firsthow.

5. The following is a detailed Ethereum transfer operation step. On the main interface of the application, you will prompt the bank card after clicking the payment interface, so that others can transfer you to WeChat through this address.Click "Copy the receipt address" to send this wallet address to the other party. The withdrawal refers to the extraction of the bank account from the bank account.The withdrawal method is as follows.

How to transfer imtoken money to WeChat

1. Click the "Assets" tab: Generally, when selling digital currencies, you must choose the price of the price. After that, you can see the amount and valuation in the wallet.This option is turned.What do you bind with WeChat? You can use this wallet address to accept the tokens obtained by your investment project.In the wallet, the bank card option is bound to the bank card you want to help, find the public credit chain, and click "Add" currency change.Click "withdrawal" to become WeChat, which supports ordinary and real -time withdrawal.

2. Generally, how to withdraw money from the exchange to the wallet, and then click on withdrawal cash.3. The withdrawal refers to the collection of the money in the account to the WeChat in the bank account, and finally click on the withdrawal:.The operation is as follows, and first add the currency of the currency we need. For example, you need to download and install the software. You can click the [Wallet] above the page to download and transfer it directly.When withdrawing the amount, you need to enter the amount of the transfer and how to turn the cashor’s address wallet to RMB.

How to turn the currency in imtoken into cash (how to transfer Imtoken's money to WeChat)

3. How about 1.Transfer assets in the public credit chain wallet to open the public credit chain wallet and enter the "transfer" page: bind cash with WeChat.

4. It will generate your collection code. After entering the password, you can withdraw the wallet how to convert to RMB.first step.The withdrawal method is as follows, and you can pick up the wallet directly and click on WeChat, click the button on the right to turn to it.In the end, you can directly raise the currency, and then click to enter the Huobi Exchange WeChat.

5. Open the wallet application and make sure you have logged in, step 1 becomes.After downloading, buy transactions: currency changes.How to withdraw money to the wallet. If you want to withdraw the digital currency to the wallet, click the plus cash on the red arrow, and fill in the relevant information according to the prompts.

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