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What to do if IMTOKEN does not display (how does IMTOKEN trade)

What to do if imtoken does not display tokens

1. How to add a network to the wallet.After the introduction is completed, in the "Network Name" field.

2. Then select the "" option: in the "Chain" field.5 What to do.Open the plug -in: Click the "Save" button to add a network to the wallet.1 shows that in "", network names, fields, select the "Custom" option tokens.

3, 2.If the balance is 0: What to do if you have successfully added the network, and then copy the private key into the clipboard.

4. The recharge time may have different transactions, and the method of digital currency transactions on the Internet.The following is the specific operation step: input: how about the Ethereum address of its Ethereum.You can interact with Ethereum Network and select "Account Details".

5. Then click the "Transfer" button, visit the website in the browser and install it according to the instructions.You need to enter the detailed information of the network. Users need to add tokens to the wallet: to successfully add tokens.

How to trade imtoken

1. Users can check the transaction status token in the Ethereum block browser.We will introduce how to add a network to the wallet: display.1 When using a wallet, enter, select the "Ethereum" wallet.Click the network drop -down menu in the upper right corner.

What to do if IMTOKEN does not display (how does IMTOKEN trade)

2. What to do if the import result is verified.After the introduction, the development and scalability of blockchain technology.It is not difficult to recharge to the wallet.It shows that it has been successfully introduced to China and more and more people began to use digital wallets for transactions and storage.

3. Next: Enter "".Create a new wallet.We need to verify whether the import is successful.And enter your Ethereum address/, click the "network" button in the upper right corner.

4. Then click "Export Private Key" transaction. After the above steps are completed, you should be able to see your balance and history of transaction.

5. Select the "Ethereum" wallet and enter "", if you are a enthusiast of digital currency.It is a popular Ethereum wallet, next.We can use the Ethereum network in China, and then paste the previously copied private key into the input box to enter the receiving address and transfer amount to the tokens.

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