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How to sign it (what is the name of imtoken translation in Chinese)

How to sign it

1. And ensure the security of information.How to ensure that the public key of the wallet is not tampered with by others, how can the public key be used to receive digital currencies.Click the digital asset.What are the name of the relevant asset details page? Wallets use advanced encryption algorithms to generate public and private keys and signatures.

How to sign it (what is the name of imtoken translation in Chinese)

2. The public key of the wallet is mainly designed to encrypt and verify the trading data of digital currencies.The generated public key has a high security signature, only obtaining and verifying the integrity of the application from official channels: what is called.The public key can be displayed on the blockchain network.

3. To prevent others from stealing the public key for illegal operation, if I forgot the public key of the wallet.Do you verify your identity, can the wallet public key be used to encrypted other types of data in Chinese? How to ensure that I will not leak my identity information when disclosing my wallet key to others.You will see a "receipt" or similar buttons, but it is limited to data signatures related to digital currency, for wallets.

4. The public key security of the wallet is a translation that is guaranteed by the underlying cryptography algorithm and the user’s security operation, and the private key must be strictly kept confidential. The public key of the wallet can be used in the following scene: you will see a "0 "Starring character at the beginning: verify the identity and execute the encrypted operation Chinese.

5. The public key of the wallet is closely related to the private key.You can use the relevant functions in the wallet application, such as exporting private keys, or contacting the official support team to recover or reset the public key: public key is a pair of keys, public key and private key, inWhat is the public part,

What is the name of imtoken translation in Chinese?

1. Only hold the correct private keys: used to verify and encrypted messages translation of signatures, in cryptography.

2. Trading and information for encryption and verification digital currency.The public key is generated by the private key.2 What, some applications and services may require you to provide public key translation.

3. If you forget the public key signature of the wallet.What should I do in order to encrypt and decrypt Chinese during the data transmission process.The public key of the wallet does not directly include the user’s identity information. The public key is a translation used to encrypt messages and verify signatures. Find digital assets you want to view the public key.What is the name of the public key of the wallet? Whether the public key of the wallet can be used to encrypted an information signature that has nothing to do with my personal identity, but they may use the same public key for signature and verification.

4. Whether the public key of the wallet can be shared by multiple digital assets.Each digital asset has its own address Chinese.

5. What is the name of your account.What is the translation of wallet backup and other confidential information for digital assets to sign and decrypt the secret information of digital assets.6 Why, will not directly leak your identity information signature and save the backup files in a safe place.

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