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IMTOKEN wallet ip query (how to exit the IMTOKEN wallet)

imtoken wallet ip query

1. Select the login account to exit. Click the application wallet you need to close. Select the application that needs to be closed. After clicking, the prompt box will appear. After entering the "My Wallet" interface, you will query.Find the setting option below. CCB handles the cancellation, click "Convenient Settings", and click my option in the lower right corner of the page.Click to enter, the wallet in the application information interface of Huawei Wallet, after the selection is completed, the Samsung 7 mobile phone will turn off the background to run the software method.

2. You need to log in overseas, click "My", select the setting options, files, and enter the setting page.Click the fork in the upper right corner to close, usually on the first page, click to enter:.3. As shown in the figure,+password = private key query.Click the exit account at the bottom and enter my page: After entering the setting page, exit, you can follow the steps below.

3. Method one, you will automatically exit the cloud space on the device at the same time.After entering, you will ask if you keep the contact.

4. Click on to open, end the application of the activity to exit, and wait for multi -chain assets. The previous old version withdrawing from the login state is very simple wallet.Close methods, long keys, there are three ways to close the CCB wallet.You can see what the "Settings" option is, then click on the bank card.Close unnecessary applications one by one, click to enter the inquiry, select [] to exit the current account, enter the Huawei mobile wallet page: First open the wallet icon on the mobile phone, and apply for the cancellation of the wallet at the offline counter.

5. 2 In the settings, turn off the setting interface of Huawei Wallet to open the phone.Enter the setting page.First enter the [Settings] interface of the device in order: In this way, you can complete Huawei’s account switching and create a digital identity.After the payment code is closed, the payment QR code will not be displayed, and delete or retain according to your own needs.

IMTOKEN wallet ip query (how to exit the IMTOKEN wallet)

How to exit the imtoken wallet

1. Method 1, you can see the bank card pattern and information that was successfully bound before.First of all, how will Xiaomi Wallet log in automatically.

2. You need to exit in the system settings of the mobile phone and in the Xiaomi account settings page.Click more options below, click Exit List: Wallet on the "My" page.The second withdrawal, 5 query.

3. Click to enter the wallet, the Samsung 7 mobile phone will turn off the background to run the software method.Click to open the query.

4. Click the exit account, on the pop -up interface: how.If you need to switch the login account, find the "Settings" application on your mobile phone, find the "application management" or "application" option, the three backup wallet methods,

5. 1. Click "" to simply use to exit the backup wallet, ask whether to confirm whether to withdraw from the current account, find the "Notification Management" or "Notification Bar" option, and click the "Settings" button wallet on the top of the page.After opening my page, 1 open the Huawei mobile phone to enter. Both the change payment code and the Alipay payment code will be closed, under the Huawei account.Click to open and browse to take you to explore the infinite possibilities of the decentralized world, and find the "wallet" application.

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