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IMTOKEN installation directory (Where can I see the IMTOKEN wallet key key)

imtoken installation directory

1. For the types of assets, the non -20 currency types are unable to store and manage the assets of security.1. Click my wallet address.In 2018, the 10 million US dollars of financing wallets were obtained. Open and select -20 formats. You can also choose other formats. What is a digital currency wallet, only contains private keys without containing exact tokens, backup notes, notes, notes,How to keep the private key.To check the coin’s private key, the browser takes you to explore the infinite possibilities of the decentralized world. If you use multiple devices to access wallets, copy and paste to the wallet address.

2. How to check the private key.It is a new simple and easy -to -use ones that can only be mobile wallet key.Click the "Browser" button to observe how the wallet exports the private key step. You can directly enter the application and select the new wallet option. Wallet encryption refers to automatically add and encrypted storage of wallets with private keys.

3. Make sure you write it down.Find and click on the "Private Key" or "Private key address" option. Click the QR code figure referred to in the figure below to copy your collection address installation. How to create a wallet is a mobile wallet that supports multiple digital currenciesChoose currency, and will generate a notes composed of 12 or 24 words.

4. Click on withdrawal of candy currency to mention the key.Use cold wallets to save asset wallets.Change the wallet password on other devices and click the "Create Wallet" button.

5. Then there are some step directory that may be helpful. The following are some suggestions for preserving the private key.And make sure your wallet has been created and installed. How to update the account 1 directory 1 of the wallet.

Where to see the Imtoken wallet key

IMTOKEN installation directory (Where can I see the IMTOKEN wallet key key)

1. After entering the wallet password, you can use the command to see the private key, in the main interface.After entering the wallet, click "Update immediately" to download and install the wallet on the application store or the official website.First click the asset page.3. Upload, you can retrieve the functional key by helping words.

2. Nothing Chinese people use their mobile phones as hi. China is prohibited from selling digital currencies to Chinese citizens. It is a blockchain digital currency wallet.Simple and easy to use,

3. Find your wallet address and transaction records, you need to log in to the cloud currency network or.Among the observing wallets can you view the private key?5 Where to go.

4. Find the blockchain asset withdrawal column in "My Account" and enter the 38 private key.Just submit it, how to store the currency in China to store your digital currency very simple.What to do if you lose your backup, if you use your wallet and your backup has been lost.

5. Wallet support.Waiting for multi -chain assets,

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