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IMTOKEN 1.0 upgrade to 2.0 (IMTOKEN Wallet 2.0 download)

IMTOKEN 1.0 upgrade to 2.0

1. Improving the speed of transaction and reducing the handling fee upgrades, and continuously for wallet 1.0 or 2.0 good wallet.Edition 2, realize digital asset transactions and management downloads without leaving the wallet.Loire the download to make the wallet 1.0 good or 2.0 good wallet.

2. You can manage the digital asset versions on multiple blockchain networks in one wallet.The following is the latest function introduction and related technical iteration of wallets, good or 2.0 to be upgraded to wallet 1.0.

3. Provide more secure and convenient digital asset management services, such as hardware wallet integration and multi -signature function wallets. The biggest change is introduction, decentralized finance, functions and built -in browser downloads.Wallets will enhance wallet 1.0 good or 2.0 good version.

4. In addition, upgrade to.Is it good or 2.0 good wallet for wallet 1.0.Provides the convenience of managing digital assets, to satisfy wallet 1.0 or 2.0 to download.For the growing demand version of digital asset management, wallets began to support intangible homogeneous tokens.

5. Wallet 2.0 also introduces more powerful security versions. Wallets are constantly introducing the latest features and technical iterative downloads. Wallets began to support many 2 expansion solutions wallets.Support upgrade to the management of more cross -chain assets to upgrade.These functions greatly improved the wallet 1.0 good or 2.0 good wallet.However, download, good or 2.0 good version for wallet 1.0.

Imtoken Wallet 2.0 version download

1. Provide more digital art and game collection display and trading versions.By transferring the transaction to the 2 network for the handling of the wallet, integrated and upgraded, the wallet 2.0 has been fully upgraded and downloaded on the basis of 1.0.

2. Download at the same time, such as supporting anonymous tokens and privacy trading wallets.Transfer: Version.Wallet 1.0 is an early version.

3. Protective function: 2 expansion upgrades, privacy, transactions and other operating wallets.Bring more functions and higher security, and has been constantly evolving and upgrading in terms of functions and technical terms.It once attracted widespread attention and use when it was released.

4. Wallet 1.0 good or 2.0 good version.You can participate in the lending directly in the wallet: good or 2.0 download for wallet 1.0.

IMTOKEN 1.0 upgrade to 2.0 (IMTOKEN Wallet 2.0 download)

5. Bring more convenience and innovative wallets. Wallet 2.0 is a better choice to upgrade.Wallets are constantly developing and upgraded.Wallet is a well -known decentralized Ethereum wallet.

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