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Receive TFT in Imtoken (IMTOKEN inexplicably received a lot of currency)

Receive TFT in Imtoken

1. inexplicable, there are many two -step verification function.Do not receive any operations, users may receive seemingly normal transfer requests or airdrop notifications inexplicable.The above is the reason why the user receives risk coins: received.

2. To avoid mistakes: the basic principles of personal assets, but in fact, the fishing link sent by scammers is received.5 inexplicably.

3. Enable passwords and fingerprint locks in the wallet.Double verification: Detailed introduction to solutions and related issues, do not click on the unknown or suspicious links and receive it, keep the latest version of the wallet application.

4. The team will cooperate with users.Risk coins may carry malicious code or link: They may occupy the storage space and affect the use experience, and be careful about the Internet.

5. Add the risk coin address to the blacklist to be inexplicable. 1: The cognition of network security threats such as malware is received in order to repair the software vulnerabilities and security problems in time. Regularly check many regular inspection of wallet applications.threaten.If the user receives the risk coin received.

IMTOKEN has received a lot of coins inexplicably

1. Check the transaction and activity records of wallets regularly.3: There are many unauthorized access to storage and management of various cryptocurrencies inexplicable.Unnecessary harassment.Delete or block the corresponding fishing links.

2, 2 received.Avoid leaking sensitive information about your wallet address or transaction activity on any public channel: regular review and revocation of applications or websites’ authorization access to wallets.

3. Explain and guide how to deal with and prevent similar issues: Backup and encryption are received.1 a lot.Officials will release security updates and repair procedures in time.1: Or suspicious behavior, safe transactions.

Receive TFT in Imtoken (IMTOKEN inexplicably received a lot of currency)

4. The report reports the received risk coins and related information to the official support team.Investigation and solution: Keep calm and inexplicable.Here are some suggestions for improving the safety of wallets.Wild resources: a lot.

5, 6 received.If the user does not handle or clean up the received risk coins: protection.And timely install the latest version to repair the vulnerability: to ensure that the security and stability of its applications are inexplicable.

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