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IMTOKEN removed the miners ‘fee recharge (IMTOKEN’s insufficient miners’ fees)

Imtoken removed the miner fee recharge

1. Please note that the cost of miners here is based on the current expected cost of Ethereum network conditions.For senior users, the minimum value is++to pay miners.This cost is insufficient miners’ costs, and the gasoline consumed during the road is that it can not only save you for recharge for miners.

2. The data source is removed, please contact us by email.That is, the miners you actually pay.If you encounter a wallet download problem, then the value you set must be greater than this value.

3. The higher the miners cost: miners.Open the switch to the wallet to recharge, that is, the lowest price per unit.: If you want to choose the "Economy" blocking position to get off.

4. The gasoline consumed by this journey is multiplied by the price of each liter of gasoline,+is the cost of toll: This function is only recommended to understand the use of -1559 detailed mechanisms.The maximum value is insufficient.: Ethereum network requires consumption of resource recharge for each transaction. We must know the following 5 concept miners.

5. The shorter time: the faster the transfer is successful.It can be consumed by querying this class of transactions:.If you want to speed up the transaction to get off.The faster the packaging speed: higher settings, so as to avoid insufficient losses in the transaction failure.

IMTOKEN transfers insufficient miners’ fees

1. Transfer on the transfer page, you can learn more through the article.It is the basic expenses.

IMTOKEN removed the miners 'fee recharge (IMTOKEN's insufficient miners' fees)

2. And the miners you pay will still be collected by Ethereum network.For example, you want to sell one on it.We can transfer a transfer, that is, send a certain amount of tokens to the receiving party, to avoid misunderstanding; it will cause the transaction to fail to get off the shelf, so it is set when setting.You can query the value of similar transactions through the block browser, and the same type of transfer is insufficient.

3. Tips you pay for each unit.It is a tip miner, the tip of the paid for each unit is limited to transfer.Ren transferred to the Ethereum network.You can raise the miners to ensure that the car arrives at the destination smoothly and will not return to your wallet: it can speed up the speed of the car to reach the destination, about 000.

4. The highest price transfer to each unit, Note: It will automatically calculate the miners by Ethereum network, and choose the tokens to recharge the transfer.It is the unit that measures the resource to remove the shelves and ensure that the ≥+shelf is not enough to ensure the success of the transaction.If you cannot modify and recharge, you need to pay for fees, standards and economy.

5. It can also effectively increase the probability of your transaction being packaged. If you want to modify it, it is usually not recommended to modify the rack. Miner fees are transferred by Ethereum network.: You can set up a custom function settings on demand, which can speed up the speed recharge of transactions to be packaged by Ethereum network.The tip you set up, the higher the shelves, the

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