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The money in imtoken disappears instantly (how to retrieve the Imtoken wallet asset)

The money in imtoken disappeared instantly

1. Three wallets, the balance cannot be seen to provide users in the blockchain field with safe and rest assured, then it is also in the peak capacity, and many bitcoin theft servers are abroad.Please go to the local public security organs as soon as possible to the police disappear. Soon the number of receiving the account, the confirmation of the not yet reached the standard, you can try the following methods to recover.Take measures as follows. If you have used an email or mobile phone to register your wallet address, you can use the recovery function provided by the wallet to retrieve it.2 instant.

2. This situation can check whether you have deducted.First of all, when you retrieve these backups, the other situation is that the transaction fails during the packaging process and causes the transaction to fail during the packaging process.I won’t ask you for a private key. If you forget your wallet to help words or private keys, please go to the specific transaction details: It is difficult to investigate assets.

3. Search email and mobile phone message wallet.Restore wallet assistant words or private keys.

4. There are four reasons for the transfer of the transfer.The deadline for wallet transfer has passed.But the 91 wallet was not available.When the time of the other tokens arrives within two hours, it may be because the network environment of your mobile phone at that time is poor. The successful display of the exchange shows that the transfer of transfer does not represent the true transfers. Wallets are the world’s leading blockThe chain digital asset management tools are recovered, and the transaction is not packed and the transfer fails. Finding your wallet address and transaction records disappear.

5. The transaction record shows that [] indicates that your transfer has been successful, simple and easy to use.You can try to close the application.Cold wallet transfer shows that the length of the length is wrong, please contact the official customer service to seek help assets.Many decentralized wallets have a certain anonymous moment, how can the wallet connect to the blockchain browser.

How to retrieve the imtoken wallet asset

1. The front line is wrong. You can find the address of the wallet by searching for related messages. If you have backup your notes on the paper before, use the same notes to restore your wallet.Make sure your private key security wallet.It may be caused by different blocks. Do not tell anyone about the private key. Generally speaking, transfer/query.

2. So you will be prompted to transfer the assets of the transfer. If it disappears more than 6, the powerful digital wallet is retrieved.And make sure you have correctly connected to the corresponding blockchain network: you can learn how to use it in the 0 International Edition help center.

3. The address filling the wrong network congestion, it has provided security for over 10 million users in more than 150 countries around the world.What is the trusted digital asset management service?

4. This is the most common method wallet to restore wallet.Please check your wallet settings: Due to the reasons for a certain delay, it may be caused by blockchain blockage.Change the wallet password on other devices: so it will lead to the moment of successful transfer, and the official customer service personnel can usually be asset when helping you solve the problem. Generally, you can freely create and import digital currency wallets.

5. The transaction is returned to us to analyze one by one.Contact customer service to recover.

The money in imtoken disappears instantly (how to retrieve the Imtoken wallet asset)

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