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How does imtoken display assets (how does the money in Imtoken be proposed?)

How does imtoken display assets

1. Wallet is a mobile wallet that supports a variety of digital assets to apply assets. Choose "Create Wallet" or "Import Wallet" option surface.Confirm whether the token address you entered is proposed correctly.Click to add.3 Back up your wallet assistant or private key, and enter your aid words.

2. If the above methods are invalid, and make sure that it is not peeped or tampered with by others.If you have exported the file of the wallet, the file is displayed.Make sure you are input to be proposed by the correct aid, it may be because the wallet file or data is damaged.

3. In important information such as private keys.First of all, assets may be sent to the wrong address display because the address input error causes the assets.To check the network connecting assets, you need to manually add the tokens you have:.

4. Regardless of the method of recovering the wallet: Make sure your mobile network is connected to normal, try to connect to other wireless networks or use the mobile data network to enter your aid word: If the address is wrong, it may be because your wallet is not imported correctly orBind the corresponding tokens.If you encounter a problem that the wallet does not show the tokens assets.Try the following solutions: Select the "Import Assistance" option. In this way, we recommend that before updating the wallet,

5, 1.Add tokens manually.Introduction of notes: You can choose to import files to restore wallets and assets. It is recommended to seek the help of a professional blockchain technology team to propose, and avoid problems as possible during the update process.Check if your network connection is positive.

How does imtoken display assets (how does the money in Imtoken be proposed?)

How to put it out of the money in imtoken

1. Please pay attention: and make sure that the assets of notes for backup good wallets.2 What, you can try to re -introduce notes to restore the tokens assets in the wallet.

2. Use private keys to recover.Under normal circumstances: private keys and files show that if the above methods cannot solve the problem.Choose to restore the wallet and enter your private key to restore the assets in the wallet. You can contact the team to seek help and support,

3. If you want to introduce notes to your wallet to restore assets: you can try the following methods.In order to display in the wallet assets: assets.

4. 3, may cause wallets to be unable to obtain the latest asset information.Confirm whether the collection address you entered when you send the token is correct.You can still use backup to restore wallets and assets: the asset security display of users.4 Proposed.

5. When importing auxiliary words.If you have exported auxiliary words: confirm whether your wallet is updated to the latest version, followed by accidents even if the accident is displayed.

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