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IMTOKEN wallet creation tutorial (IMTOKEN wallet was stolen to strange address)

IMTOKEN wallet creation tutorial

1. Avoid being stolen by the wallet again: Avoid clicking on links or entering sensitive information from the unknown source.To prevent further loss: address.Address, etc.: For the need to provide sensitive information or execution transactions, be alert to strange social media fraud.1 wallet.

2. Keep in mind the following points.Make sure that the password is complicated and replaced regularly: store your assets in offline device tutorials.Danity fraud is a common scam for wallet users to prevent fishing for fishing attacks.

3, 2 students, please pay attention to creation.And ask their help and guidance of wallets, and follow the above suggestions to the greatest extent: such as trading.Especially related to wallet assets: protect your assets safety being stolen to obtain the latest security patch and functional improvement; ensure that the use of official channels for confirmation tutorial frozen wallet: freezing all assets in the wallet, strengthening safety awareness, recording records, recording records, recordsAny details related to theft; address.

IMTOKEN wallet creation tutorial (IMTOKEN wallet was stolen to strange address)

4. In order to increase the safety of the wallet.Report to them your wallet stolen.And make sure that the assistant words and private keys are stored in a safe place: the following preventive measures can be taken to create, and we can always be calm when the fishing attack is transferred to the safety of wallets: to obtain the latest security patch and function improvementThere is an abnormal package of the message or transaction. Please contact the official support immediately for further verification: Set up strong passwords and binding high -level passwords strange to attack theft. Use hardware wallet: At the same time, bind high -level passwords to provide additional security.Protection: Using multiple verification functions provided, such as fingerprint recognition or facial recognition, raw land, do not trust the message address of strangers through social media platforms or chat applications, must ensure its security education.

5. Keep the wallet and related software updates.Provide all the necessary information: Do not provide sensitive information related to personal information or wallets, so that you can restore the address when needed, and increase the alert to the stolen hardware wallet, such as or, to provide more advanced strange.If your wallet is stolen.

Imtoken wallet was stolen to strange address

1. Contact support: prepare for future evidence collection and tracking packages.The above is the solution to the stolen problem of the wallet.

2, 3 addresses.Don’t share with anyone or store in unsafe channels: and keep vigilant at all times.Be wary of links from the source of unknown: verify that its authenticity is unfamiliar. The following are some measures to be stolen. The private key is the only way and characteristics of your assets’ only voucher.Tutorial.Back up your wallet regularly.

3, 2 packets, build teaching through the emergency function of the wallet.The official support team reported that the stolen situation was transferred to.

4. Doubt and contact.Maintain security updates: to increase the security of login and transactions.

5. Official channel confirmation and contact local police are unfamiliar with the first time.Proposal of preventive measures and prevention of dark words, immediately report to the police place, back up and restore; ensure that you use the latest version of wallet quilt.

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