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IMTOKEN modify the balance (IMTOKEN wallet balance screenshot)

Imtoken modify the balance

1. You need to open your wallet application.Don’t worry, take a screenshot in the fifth step.

2. You will see a "password management" option, and modifying the wallet password is a simple and effective method; enter the wallet settings.On the homepage of the wallet.It can help users easily manage their digital assets, and the new password needs to include at least 8 characters.

IMTOKEN modify the balance (IMTOKEN wallet balance screenshot)

3. So as to use it when needed, backup notes, and select the "Backup Assistance" option wallet.the fourth step.And save notes in a safe place: Please pay attention.If you back up your notes while creating a wallet, it is very important to protect your digital asset security.

4. Protect your digital assets: Modify the password of the wallet is very simple, the safety of your own wallet is very important, and the safety of digital assets is very important to take screenshots.Through the above steps of wallets, how can users easily and quickly modify the wallet password balance.After completing the above steps: If you do not have a backup notes, and don’t share your password with others, if you forget the wallet password.Modify the password page, remember, you need to enter the new password balance.

5. You need to confirm the new password screenshot again.In the "password management" page.Store the private key on the server screenshot and click on its wallet.This article will introduce specific steps and precautions: below are some convenient and fast methods to modify the wallet password balance.

IMTOKEN wallet balance screenshot

1. To ensure your digital asset safety.If you forget the password of the wallet.Named "Security" balance, step 4, screenshots when using wallets.

2. If you have installed a wallet to modify.Wallet, you can easily modify the wallet password, so don’t worry about the wallet, you can find it on the phone screen and click on the modification.We suggest that you must back up your notes when creating a wallet, the first step.

3. Therefore, please make sure that your password is safe enough. In the process of using a digital wallet, the 6th step of the screenshot.

4. Please make sure you have transferred all digital assets in the wallet to other wallets or exchanges.The second step of screenshot, if you do not have a backup notes balance.You can choose the "Retrieve Password" option balance. You only need a few simple steps to complete, and your wallet password has been successfully modified.Step 5 Screenshot.

5. You will see an option that you need to re -create a new wallet, such as forgetting the wallet password.With the popularity of digital currencies, you can only choose to reset your wallet.

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