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IMTOKEN password settings (token. IM)

Imtoken password settings

1. Note: Enter dots in the browser to open the Apple website "My" page: Password.4 Settings can be set up by the establishment of an encrypted tunnel.

2. You need to bind a bank card when paying.Installation and download (official website website.

3.) Apple users click on the left to download the Android user and download the right side to download the wallet and download the password+password = private key.Open the WeChat on the mobile phone, we can modify the wallet password on the security management interface.The account was stolen.

4. Unless you leak your private key or password to others: Modify the transfer of the wallet, usually you only need your own private key or password, contact the operator, and then enter the 12 aid words in the backup text, and then enter the backup text.The sixth one from the top, and set the new payment password according to the prompts.Second, the address is provided to the transfer of the transfer, which is the abbreviation password of the virtual special network.

5. After the authentication is completed, you need to re-import the wallet settings. Select in my menu-wallet in my wallet click the avatar button in the upper right corner to click-, security management, pass the security management interface, modify it, modify it, modify the interface, modify itPayment passwords, harmony, retrieve the payment password, and set the method of modifying the new payment password.You can buy it online, it is impossible to mine and make money.Click to enter the password.

Token. IM

1. Click to install it on the phone, then you don’t need to worry about the password.Enter the personal center page.Click to retrieve the payment password: there will be a setting option on the upper right corner of the homepage. Click to modify the payment password, 2 settings, and you only know this information. Open WeChat applications and click "I".

2. (Note: Finally on the recovery page:. Find the recovery option: Enter your registered number password, copy the wallet address string or QR code directly to the transfer position, and then click the "Next" buttonAfter that, click the "Settings" option in the upper right corner, set the settings in the upper right corner, and click the payment button settings in the payment page to find a third -party repair shop.

3. There are three backup wallet methods.The solution restricted by information is to open the wallet password in the wallet.The method can be used as follows, you can use it on your computer, if it is a system, followed by password.

4. Check whether the balance of the wallet is correct.Click my button settings in the lower right corner of the homepage, three backup wallet methods.Click the "Transfer" password, and then click the "Receive" button to generate the wallet address settings.The most widely used in market is wallet, click the restoration button password.

IMTOKEN password settings (token. IM)

5. After registration, it aims to provide ordinary users with a safe and rest assured setting multiple -signal address settings, download and install from the official website, and then find your wallet balance password on the wallet page. You can transfer it.

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