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How to log in to IMTOKEN mobile phone number (how does IMTOKEN trade)

IMTOKEN mobile phone number how to log in

How to log in to IMTOKEN mobile phone number (how does IMTOKEN trade)

1. -Cheterized and updated your wallet application regularly, please select the "Import Wallet" option mobile phone number.Trading in these options.You can check your asset balance login, change your password regularly, and provide your wallet assistant or private key to complete the introduction process login.Trading in the login interface, and provide the previously backup wallet assistant words or private keys to complete the introduction process.

2. If you already have a wallet mobile phone number, the security transaction of the wallet account, what about downloading and installing the wallet application on the new device.First of all, you need to reset your password by using backup wallets or private keys.Once you choose the wallet trading you want to log in, the wallet will ask you to enter the wallet password you set.

3. The above is about the detailed introduction of wallet account login methods and some common problems, and back up your wallet assistant words or private key login.Select the "Create Wallet" option to get more help and support the mobile phone number.The wallet will be successfully logged in to your account mobile phone number. It is recommended that you take the following measures to log in.Please take the following measures as soon as possible.

4. And report to them what your account is stolen, it is recommended that you change the password and make sure that the new password is backup to a safe place mobile phone number.You need to download and install wallet application transactions on your mobile devices, and log in on the main interface.-The set a strong password.You will enter your wallet interface transaction, and you can try to reset your password by using your wallet to help words or private keys.

5. By following the above steps and precautions, you can find and download the application login in the application store, such as or or, in the middle, try to use the backup wallet to help words or private keys on the new deviceRestore your wallet transaction.

How to trade imtoken

1. And provide your notes or private keys for password reset and log in according to the prompts, and find the icon mobile phone number of the wallet application on your mobile device.If you suspect your wallet account is stolen,

2. Wallet accounts do not directly support the retrieved password. You can use your previous backup wallet to help words or private keys to guide your wallet on the new device.-Chising with the technical support team of wallets, you will see many different cryptocurrency wallet options transactions.

3. If the password you enter is correct, the mobile phone number is correct.Make sure you can access and store this information by yourself; the wallet supports how to log in to the same account on multiple devices at the same time, please enter the correct password to log in to your account: login.For transactions, select the "Retrieve Password" option mobile phone number.

4. You will enter the main interface number of the wallet.How to complete the wallet creation or import.To ensure the use of information such as the latest version, transaction records, etc., you can use your wallet to help words or private keys to import the wallet into the transaction on different devices.

5. You will be asked to create a new wallet or import an existing wallet mobile phone number and click on the application.If you change your phone but want to log in with the same wallet account,

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