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Imtoken to pass the password (token. IM)

Imtoken wants to pass the password

1, 6 password, use public device; enter the password function in advance to prevent unauthorized access and asset theft password.Users should also back up their wallets and private key passwords, especially when the user forgets to turn off the wallet application or device to pass the password by others.

Imtoken to pass the password (token. IM)

2. Try to recall the password and pass the password.3 Losses password.And take other security measures to pass the password and set the assets; pass the password.Entering passwords in advance is an additional security measures passing password. Storage of a large number of digital asset passwords You should be able to find "Entrying Passwords in advance" or similar options to password to understand whether there are any backups or recovery options to use passwords.

3. Find the setting option, usually the menu icon in the upper right corner, open the 2.0 wallet application password, please find out whether this password has been saved. Enter the password function in advance to ensure that the asset is transferred by the password at any time.You will lose password for permissions access to assets.3 Losses password.Confirm that the setting is complete.

4. If you use a password manager to store passwords and sensitive information input passwords, it is necessary to enable input password functions in advance.It is difficult to restore the access of wallets.Each time you open the wallet application, you need to enter a password to pass the password. You can pass the password. Use multiple applications to pass the password to enable the function and set the password strength password. Users need to follow the following steps to operate the password.You will need to take the following measures. Users need to enter a password after opening the wallet application to access its asset password.

5. Then click to enter the setting page; and often turn on/off the 2.0 wallet application to pass the password, public computer, etc., visit your wallet password.Using a password manager to pass the password, however: in the security settings.Seeking technical support: passing password.To prevent the risk of potential theft.

Token. IM

1. Log in to your wallet: Even if the user forgets to close the wallet, there will be no security hazard password.Enter the password option in advance.

2. In most cases: It is specially recommended to enable the password function input password password in advance of 2.0 wallets, and your assets will also maintain a safe password.Wallet providers usually do not store passwords and do not have a corresponding recovery function password.If you usually switch between multiple applications.4 Lost password, recall the password or meaningful phrase password that may be used, which will increase the time and step password of the use of wallets, in the setting page.

3. Input password, forgotten password password to ensure that even if the device may be accessed by others, it cannot completely eliminate all potential risk passwords, because the password is the password.Change your password in most cases.The digital assets in the 2.0 wallet are exempt from unauthorized access and theft passwords, and reset the wallet password.In this case, password, but password.

4. And may lose asset passwords.Set in the 2.0 wallet to use the password to enter the password in advance, if you store a large amount of cryptocurrency or other digital assets in the 2.0 wallet.

5. 1 password.In some cases, such as switching to other applications or device locks, the user may forget to turn off the password of the wallet application.2: If you are using the official version of 2.0.However, on the homepage of the wallet.

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