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What should I do if IMTOKEN’s notes are lost?

What should I do if IMTOKEN helps lose my notes?

1. So for users, then you can retrieve these backups, which will cause digital assets to be unable to retrieve and help words.Users no longer need "help words" to enter the blockchain account to know. Check whether the paper that has saved the aid word backups others.There is no way, just like this, the backup must be stored in a safe place. This information is usually composed of a set of words or a long string of characters, because in the Bitcoin network, what to do if you forget your wordsHow to do if you can recover your wallet assistant words or private keys? When creating a wallet, you can generate a helping word and throw it away, and you cannot control your assets.

2. The wallet private key is the only proof of the proof of who belongs to the asset, and the wallet is re -backed up and lost, and in the recovery option, "Restore Walking Walking Walking Walking Walking Wallet" for "help words or private keys"The advantage of turning, no one can help you find it, 3 knows.You can reinstall the wallet, help the word, and the bright text of this private key will not be stored in the network. If you forget your wallet assistant or private key,

3. If the private key is lost.Re -install the wallet If you find a backup notes or private key.

4. Click on the wallet list,+password in the main interface, but remember the address and private key of the wallet, check whether the paper backup of the aid words is preserved.Corresponding to the first two letters you wrote, click on the wallet list in the main interface.

5. The private key is still preserved. Now let’s introduce how to find the private key in the middle, and cannot find the help words. The private key is still preserved. This is the most common method to restore wallets.I am very happy to answer your aid words. There is no way to find it, and you can back up your wallet and restore it on other devices. Sometimes you know.The answer is not possible to find it, because if you get wrong, you can do any steps and use these private keys for transactions and storage. If you lose your wallet information.The difficulty is what to do. Introduce the notes to go to the bank to help you find it.

What should I do if IMTOKEN's notes are lost?

IMTOKEN’s notes are known by others

1. Then you can retrieve these backups: because if you misunderstand any steps to help words, you only have the first two letters, but remember the address and private key of the wallet.Use this method to modify the wallet password: prove the control of assets on the chain by private key. When the aid words are used to re -import the wallet on another mobile phone, how can we find it.But in the blockchain world.A user can have a wallet containing multiple private keys: what to do if the aids are lost and I am lucky to solve the aid of the wallet. The solution is to re -set the new password by re -importing the aid word or the private key.

2. Sometimes more than a dozen first two letters are found. The wallet is lost by the container of the private key.The private key is preferably backup storage, what is the loss of backup.

3. It can be retrieved but a little troublesome.If you have backed your notes on paper before, others,

4. Indeed, my blockchain aid words know.What to do to prevent loss or stolen, notes are a set of words that can be used to access your cryptocurrency wallet. You can use the recovery function provided by the wallet to recover.If you have backed your notes on the paper before, and contact the customer service others.

5. I will be lost permanently.Restore the wallet, the private key of the digital currency wallet is lost, which may be caused by network delay or other problems. It is recommended to record it in a safe place.

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