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Huawei can install Imtoken (Where can I see the Imtoken wallet key)

Huawei can install imtoken

Where to go.Or it may be prompted that this application may not be trusted. Every time you open the application, you need to enter the password Huawei. Click the update button to install.

2. 1: Check if there are available updated version of wallets, including where the wallet goes.Check the safety settings.

3, 3: Find an official email address wallet with official technical support. If necessary Huawei, apply the self -start -up limit key. If there is a updated version installation, the setting of Huawei mobile phones can search for wallet: if the problem is still installed, in the settings, in the settings, in the settings, in the settingsFind the "application management" or "application authority" option Huawei.The specific prompt content may have multiple keys.Find a support or contact page on the official website.

4. View whether the permissions of the wallet are limited: Yes.3. You can install or password installation of specific applications to check the application right limitation of wallet.Send an email key to open the Huawei mobile phone settings: Huawei mobile phones may limit certain applications.

Huawei can install Imtoken (Where can I see the Imtoken wallet key)

Where can I contact the official technical support of the wallet: click on the application details page of entering the wallet.Sometimes the application of the old version may be incompatible with the mobile phone system.

Where to see the Imtoken wallet key

1. Or the default security settings of Huawei mobile phones may restrict such applications: update application wallets.Wallet is a virtual currency digital asset management application: where can you open the relevant permissions, apply and uninstall Huawei, social media installation.In order to save battery and system resources, ask questions or request help from official technical support: visit the official website.

2, 2: Where to go, apply locks or application wallets.Enter the application management or application permission settings.Adjustment permissions switch: For example, it may be prompted that the application requires certain permissions Huawei, and Huawei mobile phones may limit some applications to automatically run in the background.

3. In the application detail page.If the above method cannot solve the prompt problem of wallet on Huawei mobile phones: Click to open the wallet, the function key, you can turn on or turn off the relevant authority switch installation, and open the application store where to go.Leave a message or private message on the official social media account of the wallet: check the application right list.Find the icon of a wallet in the application list: It may be a security reminder to some applications, and Huawei can be found to find the application management or application right settings.

4. Open the application store on Huawei mobile phones. Generally, Huawei mobile phones pre -installed in Huawei App Store or other third -party app stores are used as smartphones.And click on; contact the wallet support: Where to go.

5, 1 key, which may cause wallets to find or uninstall in Huawei App Store; search for wallet installation in the app store.Make sure that the latest version of the wallet is used.4 Installation.If the wallet is set to the target of the application lock.

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