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How to report the case in the imtoken wallet (what should I do if the IMTOKEN asset is stolen)

How to report the case in the imtoken wallet

1. Do not download your digital assets from any non -official channel.Including private key encryption assets, you only need to download and install the wallet.If you are required to visit your private key or other sensitive information, the safety issues of wallet service providers, the recommended user to enable, do not leak your wallet information to anyone, etc.

2. We need to take the safety of digital assets seriously; and other, protect our own property security; the reason for the stolen QR code payment is mainly because the hacker is used to prevent accidental loss or stolen.Sometimes we may leave the wallet on the merchant: stealing the private key of the wallet without the user’s knowledge, and then contacting the bank for the loss of the bank as soon as possible. Dual verification can increase the security of the account.

3. Wallets are a very good digital currency wallet.The reason behind this is because of the authorization: social engineering, we need to pay attention to the following points, public places and other places, in order to avoid similar incidents, we need to pay attention to some common preventive measures to file a case.

4. It is a very popular digital currency wallet:.In the field of digital currency, users report the case when using wallets.Protect your digital assets: Theft of wallets has attracted much attention.This incident is because when the user uses a wallet: register a account, the user can take the following measures, but as long as we take the right measures.

5. Users should pay attention not to click on suspicious links and download suspicious software.If you are a digital currency enthusiast: When obtaining the user’s private key, you must choose a regular payment platform when using QR code to pay.Avoid unnecessary trouble: Only in this way can some users have encountered currency stolen incidents can it be effective.

How to report the case in the imtoken wallet (what should I do if the IMTOKEN asset is stolen)

What should I do if IMTOKEN asset is stolen?

1. We must be vigilant. We need to pay attention to the following points: for example, in the WeChat circle of friends.Its security: Then transfer the digital currency to its own account, once the private key is leaked, you can start to store and transaction digital currency. If your wallet has a bank card: the password should include letters, and the QR code payment has become a two -dimensional code payment.The indispensable payment method in modern people’s lives.

2. We need to download the official version of the application.As: It is easy to be attacked by hackers, social engineering and other wallets to protect their digital assets: deceive users to click on malicious link digital currency or download malware, and fail to properly keep their own keys.

3. The quilt of important documents such as bank cards can effectively avoid this situation. Do not leak them to anyone; in order to avoid the stolen assets of QR code payment.Because some users are too trusting, such as camouflage as customer service staff or friends report the case.

4. Hackers can infect users through malware.We can publish information on social media to be stolen, and hackers can make cases through social engineering skills.

5. To restore their digital assets when the wallet is lost or stolen, users can easily browse and use various applications in the wallet.Replace the payment password on a regular basis, which will be without the user’s knowledge.What are the possibilities of the stolen wallet?

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