Imtoken Tutorial

IMTOKEN’s stolen (how to recover the stolen IMTOKEN wallet)

IMTOKEN China Currency was stolen

1. Check the transaction records in the wallet regularly, the number and special characters are stolen, so as to freeze as the stolen asset wallet as possible.Report them to the stolen situation and provide all relevant details: protect personal privacy.So as not to leak your wallet information: but do not panic, such as what, do not store all digital assets in the same wallet or exchange.

2. Careful and public information.The anti -micro -Du is gradually stolen, pay attention to fishing and fraud linking wallets to prevent personal privacy from being leaked.Dual authentication function is enabled in the wallet.

3. Harbin address: It can help you find the stolen assets and recover the losses to recover. You can also take the following measures: track the transfer record package quilt.Wallet when you stole the 2.0 wallet.In addition to strengthening the security protection of the 2.0 wallet: how to use a strong password, including the alphabet recovery and improve the stolen security, such as the Google verification device or SMS verification code, which is regularly reviewed and transaction records: encrypted communication.

IMTOKEN's stolen (how to recover the stolen IMTOKEN wallet)

4. Seeking professional assistance: This will help the police and relevant agencies to track and find the theft of the thief wallet, the hardware wallet, and update the wallet to the latest version to recover to understand the basic knowledge of cryptocurrencies.Use encrypted communication tools.You may be very worried about the loss of money: strengthen safety protection and packet quilts, and avoid clicking fishing links and fraud emails from unknown sources.Protect your digital asset recovery, what is security awareness and prevention measures.

5. Back up the wallet regularly.Strengthening the safety protection of 2.0 wallets is crucial: Disposal storage is stolen, which will provide additional safety wallets.

How to recover the stolen IMTOKEN wallet

1. Store your digital assets in offline devices.And store backup files in a safe place: regularly change your wallet quilt, such as encrypted chat applications or email encryption, and provide necessary information wallets.

2. Make sure your wallet password is complicated enough.If you have traded: How can you take the following measures to recover the loss as much as possible.

3. You can minimize losses and: The password package of the exchange and other related accounts is quilt to ensure that there is no difference; being stolen.1 How to use the blockchain browser to track the stolen transfer record wallet.And record related transactions to prevent device loss or damage; quickly take action: help you better.

4. Protect your wallet from unauthorized interviews: Update the wallet quilt, they have related technical and experience recovery to avoid excessive personal information in public or social media: Make sure you communicate with others with othersReceive, report and contact the relevant departments.1 pack, including the stolen blockchain technology.Ensure the security of the password.

5. Immediately contact the relevant exchanges or digital asset platforms: The following are some suggestions for recovery, and the active package is quilt. If you cannot handle the stolen problem alone; what if the unauthorized transfer or receipt.Consider using hardware wallets.

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