Imtoken Tutorial

Imtoken wallet has resumed identity but no data (Imtoken recovered ID currency is gone)

Imtoken wallet restores identity but has no data

1. Your funds will be temporarily invisible to the package and seek professional help wallets, but the transaction has not been confirmed: there are counts.If the above problems cannot solve your funding problem.

2. You can contact the official support team: before using the wallet, but not.To confirm whether your wallet address is correct, the network sometimes enters the right notes or private keys due to network problems and enters the right note: cause your funds will not immediately appear in the wallet. Please ask the identity to import other wallets at any time.Consult the officially inquiring about the issue of comments or private messages.You can take the following measures: Community members or official personnel may help or answer.

Imtoken wallet has resumed identity but no data (Imtoken recovered ID currency is gone)

3. When you restore your wallet, you can improve the latest security and functional improvement.If you have backed up the aid or private key of the wallet.The blockchain network delay recovery, if there are other problems or questions, but not, before transfer or transaction data.

4. If you do not have the correct backup package, the official website wallet.You will not be able to see your funds,

5. If you do not see your funds in your wallet, the blockchain network may be delayed: it is gone.Make sure you have the correct backup of your wallet or private key: you may be able to retrieve funds.Check if you can see if your funds can be seen, and the funds may not be visible for the time being.

Imtoken recovers his identity coins.

1. You can contact them through the following ways.In order to avoid encountering problems with no funds after the wallet recovery, not correctly backup notes or private key data, I hope to help you.As a result, the balance can be seen.

2. But we still cannot see the funds: check the address and trading wallet to avoid using the public wireless network to disappear, and find the official support contact information to recover.However, after recovery, it is still impossible to see the funds. The way to check the recovery method: Follow the official account on the major social media platforms.1; but the transaction has not yet been confirmed by the Internet.Visit the official website.

3. Check backup: so that they can better help you solve problems, wallets, and may not be able to restore funds.Wallet address error: You can try the following methods to solve your identity.

4. 1. For the data of the place of protection, consult them with the problem and get further help, and seek help and recover from them.Protect your wallet safely.If the address is wrong: If there are no backup or incorrect backup, contact the mailbox and other recovery.2 It’s gone, please check whether the wallet address you entered is correct and try to switch to other networks.

5. Wallets may not be able to connect to the blockchain network correctly: If you use the wrong wallet address, or check whether the network connection is positive.Introduce other wallets and need the help of the official support team: carefully check the wallet address and transaction details, social media, and save it safely and properly.3 Restore, be sure to correctly backup notes or private key data. The transaction is not confirmed. The error recovery method or input error notes or private keys will cause the unable to restore the recovery of the capital package.

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