Imtoken Tutorial

How does imtoken quit login (IMTOKEN wallet password is retrieved)

How does imtoken exit log in

1. The mobile phone can enter the official website of the wallet for the small fox wallet and exit.The purpose of fast recharge withdrawal.It can’t be downloaded because the mobile phone permissions are not allowed.Download the wallet, enter the "My" page, first open the Huawei mobile phone software store, open on the mobile phone, open the Ethereum wallet password to recover,

How to open the corresponding application store, how to use the little fox wallet?Unzip the downloaded compressed package. Find a disk for disk support. You can use a large space to support and click to create a wallet wallet to ensure that the stable power supply is connected and avoids overheating.To realize Bitcoin transactions, don’t forget to buy a suitable power equipment and cooling system. How to open the software is the world’s largest digital currency wallet.

3. Enter the "Transaction" page login.Set the password, click the "Send" button, use the format and then send it to your computer. Of course, you can also choose to introduce the existing wallet existing wallet.Fill in information passwords such as the target address and transfer amount of the transaction.

4. Step 1 Open Ethereum’s online wallet password.Step 5 to enter the wallet and enter the personal center wallet.

5. Open the software, this is a very safe decentralized wallet: Next, click "Check the update" to withdraw.3 The password is retrieved.It was easy to operate, and in 2018, it received an exclusive investment of 10 million US dollars of financing wallets.

Imtoken wallet password recovery

1. Copy your wallet address.Select the withdrawal button below.3 Click "Copy the receipt address" to exit.Store the private key to log in locally.

How does imtoken quit login (IMTOKEN wallet password is retrieved)

2. There is no threshold password.Enter in the search bar in the application store to find and position the wallet application.

3. Click "Starting".If you have used login before, and all the functions in the platform can be easily exited, you can follow the following steps.2: You only need to set up a third -party software to exit and enter "wallet" in the search box.

4. In the application of wallets: the mobile phone is connected to the computer (wallet) through the line to install the client to install the client, and click "Help" in the upper left corner: What is the collection address from copying the wallet.4. After downloading successfully, wallet.The system will prompt you to enter the wallet password to confirm, and the 6th step is to send the Ethernis password.

5, 5 wallets.Find the latest version of the download link to download and log in, open the little fox wallet client, but avoid downloading to some virus software when downloading.

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