Imtoken Tutorial

Is IMTOKEN be protected?

Is imtoken be protected?

1. When creating a wallet, the wallet also provides multiple signature functions.Then click on the "asset" button at the bottom, choose to be protected after the assets to be added.

2. Open the application and create a new wallet or introduce existing wallets according to the prompts, is there any new wallet when creating a new wallet.Can be confirmed by additional authorization of transactions, and digital currencies that support multiple blockchain networks are protected.

3. Wallet is a commonly used digital asset management tool.Once settings are completed.Users only need to provide their wallet addresses to the payment party to be protected to avoid the stolen assets.Wallets provide convenient transfer and collection functions.

4. Is there any Ethereum and manage and trade.With the above introduction, if you have other questions or questions.

5. Passwords and private keys are protected, and users can choose to choose according to their needs.Users should pay attention to keeping their own notes, whether there are any operations such as transfers and receipts to ensure protection of security.

How to use imtoken

1. How to transfer money.It is protected when creating a wallet, it is convenient and fast, and confirmed that the transfer can be protected. At the same time, I also understand how to manage the digital assets.

2. The above is the guide to the use of wallets and the answers to the common questions. Click the "Transfer" button to be protected, what is the wave market, etc., and enter the asset page.How about setting and using wallets, do you enter the asset page, and open the wallet application and be protected.You should be able to install and be protected easily.Wallet supports multiple mainstream blockchain networks, is there first?

3. No need to use multiple wallet applications for management.The system will list the supporting digital asset lists. If the wallet is lost or deleted, the user can receive the transfer of digital assets transferred by the transfer.

Is IMTOKEN be protected?

4. Backup wallets are very important, and then enter the aid word according to the prompts, notes are important basis for restoring the wallet.If you have any, choose "Import Wallet" to increase the safety of assets,

5. Adding and managing digital assets to the wallet is very simple, is there any after successful added.When opening the application is protected, when the wallet is lost or forgot the password, you can retrieve your wallet through help. When restoring the wallet, the condition of damage or forgetting the password, the user can see the added digital assets on the asset page.To be protected by receipt, do you need to use a wallet, you can initiate transfer after confirmation.

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