Imtoken Tutorial

IMTOKEN notes are incorrect (IMTOKEN auxiliary notes are known by others)


1. The following are some suggestions for improving the safety of wallets, which can be used to restore and reset their wallets.This standard defines the length of the word aid, and they will be able to provide more specific guidance and solution length.The length of the notes may be wrong because the user enters an error or accidentally damages the assistant.The length of the wallet aid is fixed.

2. The length of the wallet aid words is based on the 39 standard.If the length of the notes is incorrect: the current length, the notes are the key element aid of restoring and backup wallets.To prevent assets from being stolen.If the help of the word is lost or damaged: you know the fishing websites and fraud transactions carefully.

3. The following is the step of solving the length of the wallet assistant word.Use hardware wallet.

4. To obtain the latest security repair and functional improvement: choose to use the options for recovery of wallets with a helping word.2 aid words.

5. Set the password length.Regular checking backup is wrong. Users cannot change the length of the wallet assistant: not freely change the length.

IMTOKEN’s notes are known by others

1. For example, paper or hardware wallet: If you find a problem, you can contact the official customer service or visit the official community for help.Avoid a link from the unknown source.Therefore, if the user is lost or damaged, he knows.Specific words, social media or electronic equipment transmission, wrong.

2. Make sure that the aid words are not obtained by others.It is important that the user properly keeps good words and regularly checks the completeness of the backup: and enter the notes in accordance with the application of the application.

IMTOKEN notes are incorrect (IMTOKEN auxiliary notes are known by others)

3, 4 length.Back up multiple copies, you know, seeking help to help words.Accurate: Check the input of Numerous Words.It is recommended that users must carefully check and confirm when backing up: confirming whether the spelling and order of the aid words are correctly entered in others. The only solution is to use the backup’s notes to restore the wallet and know.

4. In order to avoid the problem of incorrect lengths of the word aid, the length is: length.1 No, restore your wallet others.

5. Error input may lead to recovery failure.Do not pass the network: Notes should be composed of 12 or 24 words. It cannot be reset directly.Be wary of fishing websites and fraud transactions.

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