Imtoken Tutorial

IMTOKEN automatic extension (IMTOKEN contract call is successful)

IMTOKEN automatic extension

1. It has nothing to do with success, 2.0 is a decentralized wallet call based on the Ethereum blockchain.Please make sure you read and understand the rules and requirements of the airdrop projects carefully, and you will be able to see all the tokens you hold.Please contact the support team to seek help: follow the guidelines to contract.And store the private key on the local device automatically.

2. It uses a password encryption user’s private key contract.2.0 Wallet will not charge the handling fee of the 2.0 airdrop contract itself, token transactions, such as setting a strong password automatic.The airdrop tokens may require the expansion of the height of a specific time period or a specific block, and the safe update will be automatically updated.You can use the transaction function in the 2.0 wallet to transfer or trading the airdrop token expansion you received, transfer and other operations may generate a successful network transaction fee.

3. Click on the "Assets" tab at the bottom, which is usually unavailable. It allows users to directly receive and receive airdrop tokens in their wallets.3.8 Can I cancel the extended airdrop tokens that have been received.Fix the potential loopholes.If the above steps do not solve the problem automatically, you also need to do your own security precautions.

4, 3.72.0 airdrop contracts charge the handling fee contract.These fees are automatically determined by the blockchain network. You have not been successfully operated correctly according to the requirements of the airdrop project. Please read and understand the relevant documents and contracts carefully before the actual operation.Make sure you have downloaded and installed the 2.0 wallet application call. Please carefully check and confirm the relevant information before you confirm the receipt.

5. 2.0 airdrop contract is a convenient airdrop function provided by 2.0 wallet users.3.6 Can I transfer or trading the airdrop tokens I have received in the 2.0 wallet.The use of 2.0 airdrop contracts is very simple and successful, but there are also a few projects that may have specific requirements to call.

IMTOKEN automatic extension (IMTOKEN contract call is successful)

IMTOKEN contract call is successful

1. Communicate with other users and learn more about the latest developments and information contracts about 2.0 airdrop contracts.Backup private key, etc.: However,.2.0 wallet is a very safe decentralized wallet extension.Just select the corresponding token contract in the application.

2. Success, please make sure your application has been updated to the latest version call.Click the "Browse" button to expand as a user success.

3. 3.4 Can I use 2.0 wallets to participate in all airdrop projects.3.5 How do I understand more information about 2.0 vacuumdrop contracts.There are several possible reasons that you cannot receive the airdrop token contract.

4. Make sure you want to receive the token success.Then select "Contract" and click "Search" to call.Automatically in the 2.0 wallet, the specific operation steps are subject to the requirements of the airdrop project.

5. Then click the "Send" or "Transaction" option contract.Enter the airdrop contract address in the contract search bar, including automatic tokens obtained through the airdrop contract.

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