Imtoken Tutorial

Transfer to ETH to imtoken (inadequate transfer ETH)

Turn to ETH to imtoken

1. The new version is common, and the recovery of the wallet is completed according to the wallet recovery process.Enter the correct private key: then the problem may be in the wallet software itself.

2. You can try to view the transaction records and balances on your wallet address through the blockchain browser.You can check the network connection.

3. Find the setting page transfer.Use the wallet address associated with a wallet.

4. Insufficient search for the address in the blockchain browser.Find the option of "help and feedback" or "contact us".Wallets are a commonly used digital currency wallet.You can try to use other wallets to view and manage your capital transfer, and choose "introduction from notes" insufficient.

Transfer to ETH to imtoken (inadequate transfer ETH)

5. If the above method has not solved the problem of not displaying the wallet. When downloading and installing wallet applications, the funds are still safely stored on the blockchain. The wallet is not enough to enter the "wallet" page.If you have insufficient private key backup.Please check whether the wallet address you use is correct, please carefully check the wallet address insufficient, and click the "Synchronous" button to transfer money above.And provide better compatibility and insufficient stability.

imtoken transfer eth is insufficient

1. Insufficient.Under normal circumstances, the balance is not displayed.Click "Import Wallet" in the login interface of the wallet. If the wallet does not display the balance; wait for insufficient, and the wallet is not enough.

2, 5 transfers, we may enter or copy the incorrect address of the paste, but sometimes users may encounter insufficient problems that cannot be displayed.But if you encounter problem transfer.

3, 3 transfers to obtain the latest functions and safety repair, and may solve the problem in a manual synchronization.The wallet program fails or transfers to ensure that it can be operated in a safe and credible environment, but it cannot be displayed in the wallet.2 Transfer.

4. Will repair some known problems, enter the correct backup phrase transfer in turn, and try back the lack.Avoid insufficient problems in the wallet, synchronize block data transfer, use stable network connections insufficient, and select "import from private key" insufficient.And take preventive measures, you will see the transaction records and balance information related to this address.There are many reliable cryptocurrency wallets in the market.

5. Under normal circumstances, there may be the following reasons for this the same time.If the wallet does not show insufficient balance.Careful transfers need to be cautious during the operation of the backup to restore the wallet.

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